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Tragedy in Myanmar

The human tragedy in Myanmar after the horrific cyclone whipped through that country is a disgrace beyond compare. The despotic leaders of this impoverished nation have chosen to hold their “elections”, even evicting survivors from shelters in order to use the shelters for polling stations, and their callous behavior smacks of a level of inhumanity unlike anything I have seen in recent memory. These are the kinds of regimes that need to be wiped out, completely, and those who think we need to stand by and allow such regimes to flourish need their heads examined.

 Maybe I’m a one of a few but I believe humanitarian nations of the world need to band together and find ways to overthrow these cancers of mankind among us. With that said, let’s get…right to it!

  Former vice president Al Gore has been held to task only by Sean Hannity, who has exposed his flagrant get-rich-quick schemes as Gore panders again to the global warming crowd. He makes fortunes accusing the rest of us not being “green” enough while he lives large! Nobel Peace Prize recipient? HAH! With his own acknowledgment of his direct involvement in the global push for the ethanol process and his pandering to this crowd he can take credit in large part for the growing world food hunger. How ironic! Ethanol, people, is not the answer to our energy crisis! It’s the lack of using our own resources that has gotten us into the energy pickle in which we find ourselves today. The experts’ reports that I have read say that this is the main reason for the growing world food shortage: grain supplies are being diverted for use in alternative fuels. Heck, if these liberal idiots like Gore would just stop pushing the political and partisan bans on oil exploration that they support and open up our own plentiful supplies of oil for exploration, and if they would allow refineries to go up, now, we could be energy efficient in no time while we simultaneously explore other forms of energy such as natural gas, clean coal, wind, solar, and hydrogen fuel cells. But, then, Gore might not get as rich. I can’t stomach this man!

 No one that I know has asked Michelle Obama what she thought of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s fiery sermons. Where was she while Barack was “not present” during the anti-American hate speech that is now known as the  “norm” for his weekly sermons? Why isn’t anyone asking her what her views about Wright are? Hmm? The more I see of Michelle Obama the more scared I get! She worries me far more than her husband does! And…the new pastor of their church in Chicago is apparently as bad as Jeremiah Wright! Do these people really want their kids around this kind of hatred? And… Obama has recently said that Otis Moss, the new preacher, is a “fine” preacher! Have you seen this raving nutcase? Check out his sermons on the Internet and tell me Obama has better judgment here than he has about Reverend Wright!

 The “gas tax holiday” that Hillary and McCain are pushing is beginning to look like the pandering canard that it is to millions of Americans. I agree with Obama for once! It’s pure political posturing by both McCain and Clinton and Americans with any sense can see that!

 Random ramblings… If you have any doubt about Hillary’s feelings about the military just remember how she treated General David Petraeus during the Capitol Hill hearings last fall! She basically accused him of lying to us about the success of the surge and she flat out called him a liar. Do not buy that she is a hawk, do not buy that she or Bill supports the military, and do not buy that she will do so in the future.

 I am having a real hard time with the coming election as none of the three candidates reflect my values or opinions. What now?

 You can see that I am less chatty this week as I am recuperating from hand surgery, so next week I hope to be back up to speed!

 See ya next week!

Barack Obama & Bill Clinton
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Sunday, 18 August 2019