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Water Conservation

It is not too early to remind everyone that now would be a good time to begin conserving water again, in case you haven’t been doing so all along and you forgot about last year’s record drought.

By beginning now to watch how we use our precious water supply we can hopefully keep from having to go through the hell we experienced last summer.  If everyone starts to pay attention to the many ways we can conserve water we can all benefit if we should have another dry spell. With that said, let’s get… right to it!

 I wish people would stop having such selective memories. Wasn’t it the Clinton administration that decimated our U.S. military and superlative intelligence resources during the 90s, which ended up allowing such lapses in security and intelligence that led to 9/11? And wasn’t it the Clintons who had such disdain for our armed forces that they would not let servicemen wear their uniforms inside the White House? So don’t let the Clinton leopards fool you into thinking she and Bill have both suddenly changes their spots.

 Hillary keeps finding herself between Barack and a hard place. As she struggles to keep up a strong façade, especially after this weekend’s blunder about the pregnant woman in an Ohio hospital who died along with her baby after being refused care because she did not have insurance, a story refuted by the hospital itself, her credibility continues to suffer. Did you know that last fall, when the decision was first made by the DNC to nullify 100% of the Michigan and Florida delegates as punishment for holding their primaries too early, Hillary Clinton firmly ratified that decision. That was because the typical punishment of only 50% representation of delegates also kept the candidates from raising money in those two states. Assuming that she would have clinched the nomination before Florida and Michigan anyway, the assumed front-runner agreed with all the other candidates - including Obama - to completely "disenfranchise" those two states. Now hear her whine, and hear Bill whine, which is even more grating on one’s nerves. Just the sound of his voice and the image of that bony finger admonishing all of us for daring to ask his wife to stick by her original ratification of the DNC rules regarding Florida and Michigan is enough to make one gag.

 Who really cares about “the people”? Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform has released the following about the Democrat Party’s general “lowball” contributions to charity: “The liberal agenda is never about personal, voluntary generosity. It's about them forcing you to be generous with your money for their causes.” He’s right. This has always been the mantra of liberals. They want you to do the heavy lifting and sacrificing because they tell you to, while they sit back and watch. Norquist found that tax returns released by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign show Obama and his wife Michelle gave less than 1 percent of their total $1.2 million income to charity from 2000 through 2004. The New York Times also reported that the total for the four years was $10,770, “a lowball figure compared to other politicians.” (The Clintons reported a whopping $10,000,000+ in donations in the last seven years, and I would love to scrutinize their gift lift to see just how much went where. My guess is that most of their contributions were in some sort of form of payback and/or favors to supporters, such as donations to the Clinton Presidential Library. The Times reported, “The Obamas increased their charitable contributions in 2005, when Barack Obama began receiving sizeable book royalties, and in 2006 they contributed 6.1 percent of their $983,826 Adjusted Gross Income — including a $22,500 donation to controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.” Naturally, their racist pastor benefited from the largesse of the Obamas. Here are the year-by-year portions of AGI (adjusted gross income) that went to charity: 2006: 6.1%, 2005: 4.7%, 2004: 1.2%, 2003: 1.4%, 2002: 0.4%, 2001: 0.5%, 2000: 0.9. Hmm…

 Oprah Winfrey confounds some of her followers with her new beliefs. Her latest new age “prophet” is a man named Eckhart Tolle who believes that there is no life after this one. She is such a guru to so many people that it is scary that a whole new colony of Jim Jones-like Kool-Aid drinkers may emerge. Some quotes from her. “The only lesson of the crucifixion is that we can overcome the cross.” The only lesson?? What about man’s salvation through the sacrifice of God’s only Son? Another from Oprah:  “The man on the cross is an archetypal image. It is every man and woman.” Hold on a minute. Regardless of which denomination of Christianity, the common denominator is that all believe that everlasting life can only be attained through accepting Jesus Christ as one’s savior. Tolle’s bunk infuriates me and her endorsement of his teachings proves that Oprah is just another power hungry false idol that is out to recruit simple minded and lost souls who believe she is the second coming. And this woman endorses and supports Obama! Heaven help us.

 Random ramblings… Why won’t John McCain sign on to the new GI bill that is languishing on the Senate floor? Is he too busy? Hillary and Obama signed on and they are running for president too… The passing this past Saturday night of iconic actor Charlton Heston was indeed an end of an era… I remember my sister Peggi and I going to the movie theater on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach when we were kids to see such movies as Ben-Hur… back then, theaters handed out full color programs for these epic films and it was such a thrill to see this magic on the big screen!... And finally… Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.

  See ya next week!

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