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When Does Obama Go To Church?

So what Sundays does Barack Obama attend his church? If he is never there for the racist/bigot Jeremiah Wright’s diatribes, which apparently are more frequent than Obama would have us believe, just when does he go?

What about his kids? And if he wasn’t there on the Sunday after 9/11, a day when most Americans flocked to their houses of worship in record numbers, where was he and his family? Bowling? Surely someone remembers whether they saw him that day. Both Democratic candidates are showing themselves to have serious credibility issues! With that said, let’s get…right to it!

 If ever you needed a reason to understand why conservative judges are so greatly needed on the United States Supreme Court here are two. Recently the nine justices reviewed the infamous Medellin case out of Texas that revolved around the heinous murder of two young girls by four Mexican nationals. The short version of this sad tale is that one suspect, Jose Medellin, was never told he had the right to request a representative of the Mexican government when he was charged with the crime. He and the four others who murdered the young girls were put on death row in Texas. The Mexican consulate wanted the U.S. to acquiesce to the World Court’s judgment that the case ought to be retried. President Bush even sided with the World Court and Mexico, yet another time he chose to reject the will of the people and enforce U.S. law and to side with illegal immigrants. However, the recent Supreme Court ruling that rejected the World Court’s attempt to force Texas to retry the Medellin case is another fine example of why we need more conservative judges appointed, such as John Roberts and Samuel Alito! An additional ruling by this court helps to preserve the 2nd Amendment. At least five of the nine justices reaffirmed the constitutional right to keep and bear arms when they ruled that residents of Washington D.C. could once again be allowed to own handguns to protect themselves. The final ruling won’t be announced until June but from all accounts the justices are ruling on the side of the 2nd Amendment and, the people of Washington D.C.

  I loved Ronald Reagan’s son Michael Reagan’s recent claim that his own travels in the company of his father while Reagan was in the White House gives him experience to be president, since it is apparently enough for Hillary Clinton! Reagan: “For example, I was in a suite in the Century Plaza Hotel when my father gave Attorney General Ed Meese the authority to order our military to shoot down Moammar Gadhafi's aircraft in the Gulf of Sidra. When my father ordered airstrikes against two of Gadhafi's homes, which killed his adopted child who was in one of them, Gadhafi swore to get revenge by killing Ronald Reagan's adopted son — me. My life was threatened by a world leader, not merely threatened by imaginary sniper fire.” This refers to Hillary’s now famous faux pas claiming that she arrived under sniper fire when she visited Bosnia in 1996. Film clips, however, showed her arriving with the singer Sinbad and a host of press, laughing and strolling easily from a helicopter, with nary a bullet in sight. Journalist Andrea Mitchell also was along for the trip and debunked Hillary’s claims.

  Speaking of blunders committed under Hillary’s watch wasn’t it her adopted state of New York that invited with open arms Iranian crackpot Mahmoud Ahmadin’jihad’ to speak at Columbia University last year? Clinton’s refusal to disavow Columbia’s outrageous acceptance of this madman as a legitimate speaker to an American university shows poor judgment and the Left’s penchant for pandering to terrorists. This is just another example, along with hubby Bill’s continued acceptance of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat as world leader instead of murderous terrorist, when he repeatedly invited Arafat, on twenty four different occasions in eight years, to the White House to “help broker peace” in the 90s. As we know, terrorists don’t want peace; they want world dominance.

 Hillary has a problem with the truth, just like her husband. Remember when she claimed daughter Chelsea was jogging near the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/11, saw the plane hit and ducked inside a coffee shop, when in fact she was miles away uptown? After the Bosnia gaff and her claims that she helped broker peace in Northern Ireland one has to ask oneself if this woman even knows the truth about these things herself. By the way, when Chelsea was asked recently about the Monica Lewinsky affair and she told the person that it was none of her business, I beg to differ. Chelsea is no longer a child and if she can get out and stump for her mother, questions such as these have every right to be asked. It goes again to the credibility of her mother.

 While everyone tries to think of possible candidates for John McCain to tap for vice president, the choices for me come down to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, Wisconsin Senator Norm Coleman and maybe a few others that would give McCain more palatability for conservatives. So far, he doesn’t have to do much but continue what he’s been doing as the two Democrats tear each other up.

 Random ramblings… Does anyone else just despise those “Viva Viagra” commercials as much as I do? I can’t put my finger on it but they just stick in my craw… Speaking of commercials, the new Geico ad with Mrs. Butterworth had me doubled over in laughter…now that’s a very funny ad… Shame on the fans at the baseball game in Washington who booed their president as he tossed out the first pitch of the Washington Nationals game… the lack of respect for this office has become deplorable.

 See ya next week!

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