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The Politicians In D.C. Have Filled Their Bellies With The East Wind

Should a wise man utter vain knowledge and fill his belly with the east wind? (Job 15:2).  Here is how the Contemporary English Version renders the preceding passage:  Job, if you had any sense you would stop spreading all of this hot air.  Eliphaz was supposedly a friend of Job.  All of us know from the Old Testament the tremendous suffering of this man.  His fair weather friend is accusing him of blaming God for his troubles and suggesting that all of Jobs speeches were nothing but hot air out of the reservoir of his belly.  Eliphaz is saying, Job instead of filling your belly with knowledge and common sense you have filled it with so much east wind which was a bad wind in that region.  By falsely accusing God Eliphaz was wrong, he misjudged Job.

However, this section of the Bible could very well be directed toward the politicians in D.C. for they have filled their bellies with the hot air of intellectual liberalism and have supported the liberal news media to the extent that coffee shops, barber shops, college classrooms, and countless other places have become the mouth pieces of the intellectual liberals whose bellies are filled with hot airopposition to the Constitution and Christianity.

Fellow citizens, it is later than most think.  And it makes me sad that a once good party of the working man and of freedomthe Democrat Party has been used by the protruding bellies of hot air.  The Republican Party is no better, for they have allowed these enemies of America to ride rough shod over the greatest nation history has ever known.  It is scary to see the President give billions in recent days to Iran, a nation of dangerous Muslims who would like nothing better than to take us over while senior citizens and abused children suffer from a lack of necessities of life.  Pray that the people in power will stop this run a way train or else our children will be subjected to the tyranny of radical Islam in years to come.

God Bless America!

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Rabbit Gender and Religion, Plus Politics

            A teacher brought a rabbit to her first grade class.  It was passed around to all the children and all were impressed.  One boy raised his hand and said, “Is it a boy or a girl?” 

            The teacher replied, “I’m not sure.” 

            A little timid girl raised her hand,

“I know.”

            “How?” questioned her classmate friends.

            “Let’s vote on it,” said the little girl.

            The above is suggested in the Cybersalt Digest and appears in a recent issue of House to House and Heart to Heart.

            The above is highly suggestive.  If the boy won, would that make the rabbit a male?  Maybe the rabbit was a female.  It is amazing how many religions vote on matters instead of consulting the Bible.  I even heard of one congregation of the church of Christ that voted on who to employ as their new preacher, allowing both women and children to cast a vote.  Where is the authority for this?  I know of a denominational group which voted on a man as to whether he had been saved and was worthy to become a part of their religious group.  God only knows who is saved or lost, and man has no business playing God.  When man conforms to the Bible, God saves him no matter how the vote may go.  If we would all go by the Bible, then there would be no need of holding an election.

            Look what a mess we have in this nation because men have not followed the Constitution but have injected their own pre-conceived opinions into the operation of this nation.  We have a Bible, so consult it instead of taking a vote in matters of doctrines and morals.  We have a Constitution, so consult it instead of taking a vote against it. 

            God bless our nation, including all of God’s people.  Have a good week.

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The Gossipmonger: His Origin and His Work

When the sperm of ignorance connects with the egg of jealousy a monster is born—A Gossipmonger.  Feeding upon himself, he reaches maximum strength immediately.  Periodically, he goes to his physician (the devil) for a shot of suspicion.  When the pond of suspicion dries up then he begins to suspect himself.

            He is easily detected, for his tongue hangs out the corner of his mouth like a mule pulling a heavy load.  His tongue is so long that he can sit in the living room and lick the skillet on the stove in the kitchen.

            The Gossipmonger picks up bits of information and passes it along as if he had ascertained the validity of the story.  Some people are apparently unaware of the hurt that can be afflicted by a loose tongue.  It is apparent that gossip is often spread originating in a heart of jealousy, with the primary purpose of hurting another.

            On the other hand, I suppose one may have a loose tongue from being kicked in the head by a mule, which reminds me of a story told by J. Harold Stephens, a preacher of some sort in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  He tells the story of one of the less brilliant boys of a rural community who was kicked in the head by a mule.  After a while, he seemed to have recovered.  A neighbor asked the boy’s father if his son had gotten all right.

            “No,” said the father, “he didn’t get all right, but he did get back to like he was.”

            It would be nice if we could all get back to the way we were—treating our neighbors the way that we want to be treated.  That would eliminate gossip.

            From my store house of experience:  I’ve learned that it is next to impossible to trace down the source of gossip, and that it is foolish to try to do so, or even fret about it.  Your friends won’t believe it, and your enemies will add to it and pass it along as if it were truth.  When this world is on fire people will still be gossiping but God Almighty (pardon me ACLU) will still be holding them accountable for their words against their fellow man.

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When Love Turns Cold

            A church sign caught my eye recently.  It got my attention because of the following statements:           

                                    “Dear God:

                                    I’ve got a problem, It’s a “ME” problem.”

            Unfortunately, most of our problems, are “ME” problems, self-afflicted problems!  Homemade problems!

            Most of our “ME” problems stem from allowing our love to turn cold.  “And because iniquity (sin) shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12).

            What are the symptoms of a dying love?

            One is when an individual’s prayers become mundane, canned, routine, or artificial.  It doesn’t take long for love to turn cold, when one ceases to pray, or pray with the right spirit.  Prayer keeps the heart warm.  Sin turns it cold, and love freezes the spirit to death.

            Two is when worship has lost its luster.  If a ballgame has more excitement than worship, then your love has turned as “cold as kraut.”  You are frozen stiff, spiritually speaking.

            Three is when the preacher’s sermons are too strong.  But it is my understanding that the preacher is to preach the Word.  When the fire goes out in the pulpit, then the people in the pews freeze to death.

            And four, absenteeism will cause love to grow cold. 

            Also, when love grows cold between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, then trouble lies ahead.  And what follows is often ugly.

            Don’t let your love grow cold for the church, the family, or that person who means everything to you.

            When love grows cold, then it must be revived.

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Stubborn Leaders

The Psalms speak of some in that period of history whose spirit was “stubborn and rebellious” (Psalm 78:8). After eons of time, stubbornness is still with us. Some actual view it as an attribute. I know of two elected officials who recently boasted of their stubbornness. Perhaps they’ve never analyzed the word ‘stubbornness.’ Webster says a stubborn person is “set on having his way; not willing to give in; obstinate; hard to deal with.” This definition doesn’t sound like a stubborn person has the attributes needed to exert real leadership.

When one makes the claim of stubbornness, he is admitting he is kin to a mule. “Be ye not as the … mule” (Psalm 32:9), wrote David. The writer’s point is that the mule is stubborn, and this is an unworthy characteristic for a human being. So when one boasts of being stubborn, he is embracing the mule or donkey as his brother. David advises us not to be like the mule, stubborn. The mule has a nature, which makes it refuse to move. Our Creator doesn’t want to handle us like dumb beasts. We aren’t supposed to have a willful nature.

Furthermore, for one to claim stubbornness is to admit the inability or unwillingness to sit down with another person or a group and reach a decision, or decisions, that will benefit all, not just some mule-headed, jack-legged leader. So you want to be a leader? Then shed your stubbornness.

I heard of a church once, which was hotly debating whether to buy a chandelier for a foyer. A business meeting was called to discuss the matter. A good, old brother, who came in late, stood and said, “I’m agin’st buying a chandelier for three reasons: (1) We ain’t got the money, (2) Nobody in the church can play one, and (3) What we really need is more light for this lobby.”

What one really needs to be an effective leader is more knowledge (light), and less stubbornness.

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The Difficulties of Life

We’ve all heard it said, “Life is not a bed of roses.”  That’s true.  One can do all that is right, and strive to be all that one is supposed to be, and still difficulties will arise.  Some troubles occur because of the choices family members or friends make or have made.  Some troubles come as a result of our own decisions.  Then some occur as the result of living in an imperfect world.  But there are also inward troubles.  Sometimes we are upset, maybe angry, or worried, or depressed, struggling with life.

            We can’t blame God for our difficulties, for he didn’t create them.  However, he does permit us to experience them.  Without them, we would never become strong.  We are not self-sufficient, and we need to learn that.  This is why we need to be close to God at all times.

            The Christian life is not problem-free living.  It is bound up in the strength of God.  To know God and to honor him no matter what the difficulty is should be the Christian goal. 

            Right now, not tomorrow, we have a major difficulty facing all of us:  Will we take back America with all of her liberties and great values, or will we allow Hillary Clinton to be elected President and follow in the steps of Obama, reducing America to a third world country and robbing all of us of the freedom our fathers, grandfathers, yea, grandfathers fought for and died?  Pray to God daily about this problem.  Lift up your voice in sincerity and honesty and defeat the destructive plans of liberals and untrue Americans.  The enemies of the Constitution and true Democracy must not be allowed to destroy our nation.  Be a real American and a real Christian and lift up your voice for the America we once knew.

            God Bless Us!

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The Need For Peace

In my viewpoint, there are very few awards that are respected as much as the Peace Prize.

            The prize was part of Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament.  I didn’t know until recently that he was the man who invented dynamite in 1866.  In a few years he had a total of 20 factories and laboratories all over the world for the research and development of his invention.  But in later life, he saw how his invention could cause great harm, and was hurt by it.  I am told that when he was on his death bed that he set rules for the Nobel Prizes, the most important of which would be the Peace Prize.

            The best way to spread peace is by spreading God’s message all over the world, the gospel of peace.  Christians have their arguments, but especially some preachers.  Preachers should be peacemakers, and not peace breakers.  Some use tactics that are not rooted in love.  Others are ignorant of the truth and create a disturbance.

            There are those in the community who are far from peace loving souls, who by their crude manners retard the improvement of the community in which they live.  I don’t know about you, but I have no respect for peace breakers who adorn themselves with ignorance while they parade around in their hillbilly wardrobe.

            Don’t forget, too, the White House has been far from peace-loving.

            Pray for America!

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“In God We Trust”

            On this day in 1956 President Dwight Eisenhower approved a law passed by Congress that made “In God We Trust” the national motto of the United States.  In 1966, it was added to all paper money.  Our national currency may be stamped with “In God We Trust,” but our heart is not.  Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, we are drifting farther away from God.  This pleases the atheists, the liberals and a host of others whose agenda is to lead the citizens of this country away from God. 

            Godly people are objecting to our government pushing for a common core study for all students in America--an objection that is rooted in godliness.  For the intent of the common core study is to brain-wash the students of our nation by turning them away from the messages of Christianity.  The textbooks which will be eventually adopted will be written as to make abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and pre-marital sex acceptable to educated people.  The Bible as a moral guide will largely disappear from our culture.

            It is not in God we trust today, but in wealth, in power, and in crooked politicians who occupy the seats in Congress. 

            We can trust in God today, or watch our nation fade from history tomorrow.  If you are afraid of Obama and the rest of the change agents today, then I pity you and the children of tomorrow who will suffer at the hands of America’s enemies within.  Pray for our weak leaders, but do more than pray, take a stand for God and this nation.

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Before the Mayflower Landed…

Our forefathers were smart.  In fact they were geniuses, for they carved out of the wilderness a paradise and enacted rules and laws that enabled the newcomers to enjoy a freedom that would increase as America grew and became the symbol of liberty and the land of opportunity.  Before the pilgrims landed, the men on board drew up rules to live by for they knew without rules to govern them their adventure would be a failure.  The rules became known as the Mayflower Compact and became a guiding light to multiplied millions that were soon to land on the shores of North America.

            Unfortunately, these men of wisdom par excellence were in later years succeeded by idiots in D.C. who are attempting to run America with rules rooted in their own misguided philosophies.  There were no liberals, baby murderers, homosexuals, or parasites on the Mayflower.  The ones who were allowed to leave debtor prisons to make their journey to the new land stood head and shoulders above the so-called leaders in our country who have messed us up.  How can the so-called conservatives in D.C., including some of the Republicans who are flirting with the views of Liberal Democrats, stand by and allow the White House Bunch to ignore laws while shredding some laws.  A current illustration of this is an attempt by the White House to have George Zimmerman tried again for something that he has already been exonerated from and by law he cannot be tried again.  There are some so-called leaders in this country who are fanning the fires of violence hoping that the masses of people throughout the land will march for a case that according to the law is already closed. 

            Some may not like it, but those of us who believe in this country and our laws need to “stand our ground.”  Otherwise, we will wake up one morning and our freedom will be gone.

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RBS High Named Among the “Best High Schools” by US News

Below is an exciting headline and paragraph concerning Red Boiling Springs High School:

            RBSHS named among the best high schools by US News. 

            Red Boiling Springs High School was named this year’s US News best high schools.  The school received a bronze rating.  Of the 350 schools in Tennessee, five were awarded gold medals, 18 earned silver medals, and 66 earned bronze medals.  The stats used are always current—these are from the 2012-2013 school year.  The school is listed as having an Algebra proficiency of 2.5 (47% of the students are proficient).  And an English proficiency of 2.6 (59% of students are proficient).

            This is the second time RBSHS has won the bronze award from US News.  In 2004 RBS High was also the recipient of the above mentioned award.  We salute Don Jones, the Principal of the high school, English teachers Chad Butler and Tammy Marlow, and Math teachers Angela Ballard and Tammy Kirts.  Time and time again studies have proven that the best schools are the small schools.

            We are proud of the educators and students at RBS High and we thank the very great elementary teachers at RBS for their hard work in getting their students ready for the upper grades.  For the 6 ½ years I have been on the School Board, it has been a joy to watch the two schools at RBS move forward academically.  A special thanks to all the teachers and staff at the two schools.

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Does God Care?

“…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you (IPeter 5:7).  During the three years of His ministry, Jesus “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38).  He was moved with compassion by the poverty, disease, and grief that he witnessed.  He wept with those who were hurting.  He worked to help those who were suffering physically and spiritually.  His entire life was proof of the concern of His Father for humanity.

            The pews are filled on Sunday mornings with those who claim to be walking in the steps of Jesus, but something is missing in too many of them—the heart of Jesus.  There is a vast difference in claiming and doing.  Oh, the meeting house where they assemble has the right name on the front but some of the members don’t have the right practice, for unlike God and Christ, care for others is missing.  Thank God for the few congregations which care for its members and people of the community who need compassion.  If God cares, and He does, how can the uncaring church goers, for that’s all they are, call themselves godly?  Show me their godliness and I’ll show you their hypocrisy.

            A lady church member comes home from the hospital after major surgery, unable to cook or do any of the many things she is accustomed of doing, but though there is a congregation in her community only two Christian ladies come to see her.  No minister, no elders, no others of the congregation.  No wonder there is a lack of respect for a congregation that does nothing but come to church.  “Few there be that find it.”

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Rural Viewpoints Salutes Macon Farmers

If there is a group of people who have contributed more to Macon’s economy in recent years than Macon County farmers and agriculture in general, then I am not aware of it.  We salute them for their hard work and for what they mean to this county.

I have especially been proud of the younger farmers who have worked hard and managed their farming operations with wisdom and for the older farmers who have helped guide them in their efforts. 

Agriculture in general is a major part of Macon’s income and two of the greatest rural banks in Tennessee—Macon Bank and Trust and Citizens Bank have encouraged and financially supported agriculture and made it possible for those who needed it to farm in a bigger way and operate agricultural businesses. 

Most are not aware that there is a young business in East Macon that has grown in recent months by leaps and bounds—Performance Feeds owned and operated by the Tony Ferguson family.  We wish for them the best.  They have approximately 100 employees and serve much of Tennessee, Kentucky, and parts of Georgia and Alabama.

I’m glad I moved back to Macon County after graduating from college.  It is a good place to live.  Incidentally, I worked with the ASC office (USDA) for four years in Lafayette before going to college, and have farmed a little myself (one horse farm).  So I feel close to farming.  Best wishes to our farmers!

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Skunking Tennessee’s Teachers

            My readers may not be familiar with the term being skunked, but I can illustrate it with the pay plan designed for Tennessee’s teachers.  It’s a rip off, not a pay plan.  If this plan stays in force, then young teachers will be skunked—taken advantage of, beat.  Imagine spending four years and eighty thousand dollars to become a teacher, and earn only $30,990 the first year as a teacher.  Then nine years later, the teachers would earn only $37,005.  No increase for getting a Masters Degree or EDS.

            What is so stupid is an attempt to hold teachers to blame for the low scores of students who come from a negative environment—drug infested homes, parents fussing and fighting, the children never helped with homework.  Why not blame the low scores on the Commissioner of Education, who has absolutely no background in education?  When the Day of Judgment comes, students will still be making low grades, at least some, for sin will still be around and sin is usually responsible for students who fail in their educational pursuit.  This is not a cop out.  This is reality.

            Stop holding teachers responsible for something they can’t help—what goes on in the home.

            By the way, the Republicans had better get a handle on their efforts to improve education…it ain’t working.  Some will come home following the next election.  And the only job they will be able to find is a substitute teacher.  Then they can try out their new plans.

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Death In A London Street

“Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you, deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous” (Koran, 9:121-123). “If you do not go to war, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men…. (Koran, 9:39). The man who took a machete and beheaded a young English Soldier last week in a London street was being directed by the Koran-Muslim Bible. Can you think of a more vicious act than that? We may not be at war with radical Islam, and we aren’t, but the radical Muslims are at war with us. They’ve been killing innocent people since the beginning of Islam. How long will it be until this radical religion beheads people in the streets of America. Remember 9/11? Remember the shooting at Fort Hood? Remember the Boston Bombing?

How any politician can put his or her hand on the Koran and swear to uphold the laws of Democracy is beyond me. Radical Islam is unacceptable in the home of freedom, and we must deal firmly but lawfully with any citizen or cult which attempts to rob us of our freedom and replace it with a dictatorship patterned after radical Islam.

God Bless America!

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Subsidizing the Terrorists Who Come to America

Was it a shocker?  Not really!  Even before Obama took office the liberals had passed a bill to subsidize the immigrants coming to America—rent, food, medical needs, and scholarships to college.  Guess what?  The two terrorist brothers while living in their apartment for 10 years were living rent free, eating food that was free, going to college free—all paid for by our American taxpayers, and all the while they were developing plans to bomb the Boston Marathon, which they did.

            How do you think the parents of the little boy that was blown to pieces, and the little girl who had her leg blown off, and the adult who was killed, along with over 250 person’s injured feel to know that the taxpayers of this country were funding two people who would cause untold misery to countless people?   What kind of message is this sending to other terrorists—come on over, we’ll keep you up while you draft plans to kill other innocent people.  And the Obama cult didn’t want suspect number two questioned.  Why?

            And while all this was going on, the Obama cult was holding up the hand of murdering abortionists and declaring they would continue to fund Planned Parenthood,  and why?  So babies can be killed.  Such as has been done by the Pennsylvania doctor, who according to reliable sources was sticking scissors in the back of babies that live after the abortion and then clipping the spinal cord of the babies.  Will the doctor be found guilty when the trial ends?  I doubt it.  He’ll probably be given a plaque, but his trial won’t be over, no, he’ll have to meet God in the judgment.  And God is no Obama cult member.  Hang him!  That would be scriptural read Romans 13: 1-7.

            God Bless America!

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God’s Provisions…Man’s Mess-ups

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” (James I: 17), but man, since the dawn of civilization, has been busy messing up all that God has given to us.  God instituted marriage for human kind, but it wasn’t long until ignorant and evil men perverted God’s plan for the union of one man and one woman.  Special thanks to the Willette Church of Christ for their timely add in last weeks Chronicle.  The Scriptures used, in this add, condemned homosexuality and thus same sex marriage.  It is time for all congregations to stand for the truth of the Bible. 

            God’s world is beautiful but man has marred it with his sins.  God gave us the Bible to guide us in living godly lives, but man has ignored it and traveled the path of his own choice.  Some of his paths are dangerous for they seek to pervert God’s gifts and ways.

            Islam is a graphic example of wicked man’s efforts to undo God’s plan of Christianity.  We must stand against this violent religion now, if our children are to inherit and enjoy a peaceful America tomorrow.  What happened in Boston last week on a part of two Muslim brothers is another warning that Islam’s goal is to make America and Islamic state.  This is further proof of our need and right to own a gun.  I find it difficult to understand why Left Wing Democrats hold-up the hands of radical Muslims.  Furthermore, I also can’t understand why Country Club Republicans like John McCain, voted to make it difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun.  He was in essence voting against the Constitution which allows us to arm ourselves.  Left Wing Democrats, Country Club Republicans; Bah humbug!  I think I’ll just be an independent.

            By the way, every person who voted for the liberal mess out of D.C., and who minimizes the efforts of Islam will face God in judgment, and if they don’t repent, will be held accountable for the little girl whose leg was blown off in Boston and her little brother who was killed.  Radical Islam did it.

            God Bless America!


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Democratic Party Official Makes Students’ Stomp on the Name of Jesus

Deandre Poole, a professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and a top official in the local Democrat Party, recently stirred up a major controversy by making his students write the name Jesus on a piece of paper, throw it on the floor with the name face up, hesitate for a moment, then stomp on it.  All the students, with the exception of Ryan Rotela complied.  His refusal resulted in his being suspended from the class by the university.  Ryan Rotela, who is a junior from Coral Springs, had this to say:  “Any time you stomp on something it shows that you believe that something has no value.  So if you were to stomp on the word Jesus it says that the word has no value.”  These are the exact words he told local CBS TV Affiliate WPEC, when he was interviewed. 

            It’s unbelievable that a college professor teaching young students would participate in this anti-Christian exercise.  I seriously doubt that Mr. Poole would dare to do this with the name Mohammed.  To Mr. Poole’s credit, he was conducting this exercise based upon the suggestion from the textbook “Intercultural Communications a Contextual Approach, 5th Edition”, which he was using in class.  You would think that a university professor would have more wisdom than to do this among young students.  However, books are being written in today’s culture to undermine God, Christ, and the Bible.  The liberals love it.  What I don’t understand is how a once good political party like the Democrat Party has joined in the fight against Christianity.

            By his actions, Mr. Poole has motivated tens of thousands who believe in Jesus to realize just how serious this conspiracy is in the matter of trying to eliminate Jesus from America.

            Dear reader, take up the only weapon Christians can use in the fight against atheists, liberals, and intellectual elites, and that is “The sword of the spirit”—The Bible.  Unless we stand where the Bible stands, our world will grow worse and worse.

 God Bless America!

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About Our Children

Some children in a family found that their misconduct finally caught up with them.  And their father was mad at them.  The children at night prayed about their relationship to their father.  Then the next morning they put this sign on their parents’ bedroom door:  “Be kind to your children, and they will be kind to you. Yours truly, God.”




            Children, like canoes, are more easily controlled if paddled from the rear.



About The Congregation


            I wanted to share with my readers the following article from John Smith.  It is good advice for members of any local congregation,

“Ponder Your Feet??”

                                                            by John Smith

            Proverbs 4:26 says to us, “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established”.  God is warning us to take a look at what we are doing and where we are headed.  Ephesians 5:15-16 states “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”  It is God’s will that we always consider our spiritual condition and make correction where needed so that we can glorify Him.  If correction is needed…let us make it and get busy in the Lord.  We do no know what tomorrow holds for us!  There is much work to be done in His kingdom and in the local work.  What work you say?

v    Attend all of the services of the church faithfully.

v    Set aside some time each day for personal Bible study.

v    Teaching the lost the plan of Salvation.

v    Teach a Bible class.

v    Leading songs in worship.

v    Visit the sick and needy—there are many opportunities to assist those who are elderly and/or those who are in need.

v    Greet and visit our visitors who come into our assembly.  Some are hearing the Word of God and seeing Christians for the first time when they visit our worship services.  Let us make them feel welcome.

v    Support the work of the church—we need Christians who will shoulder the load and seek out what needs to be done and do it.


If we are going to be useful to God, we are going to have to “Ponder” our paths that our feet are taking us and make corrections if needed.  We must all be looking for opportunities for us to better serve our Lord as we ponder our feet!

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“…We Need Help. Amen.”

A Baptist preacher prayed this brief invocation at the Texas legislature on January 11, 1989:  “Our father please read our lips.  We need help.  Amen.”

            All kinds of statements are made in these times to describe the current mess coming out of D.C.  However, few of them actually describe the colossal mess the Liberal Democrats and Country Club Republicans have created for us while spending tax dollars like sowing wheat or oats.  Just last week we learned that the liberals in D.C. have included in the budget a million dollars for a study of which foods to eat on Mars so as to insure that those who make it there will not become sick.  Hey, Mars is uninhabited.  All the little green men live in D.C. and work at the White House.  God, “we need help.  Amen.”

            At a college job fair, a man bumped into one of his school’s guidance counselors.  I can’t seem to find a career that intrigues me,” he said.  “What are your interests?”  He asked.  “I like to take things apart,” the man said, “but I hate putting them back together.”

            “Son,” replied the advisor, “you ought to consider politics.”

            Well, from D.C. to the capital in each state, it seems that most of the politicians have this in common:  they like to tear things apart.  The administration in Tennessee’s capital seems to be bent on taking things apart—fixing things that aren’t broken.  The 87 adult education programs in our state have recently been reduced to less than 50.  Macon County has been thrown in with big Sumner County; in spite of the fact Macon’s adult education has been a great success with countless adults getting their GED degree.  Now, and how dumb, the same wrecking crew is working to do away with our fifteenth judicial district, forcing citizens of this district to travel countless miles to other towns for justice issues.  How stupid!  It isn’t broken; therefore, it doesn’t need fixing.  Neither are the adult education programs in Tennessee including Macon.  God, “we need help.  Amen.”

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What Do You Do When Your World Is Turned Upside Down?

It happens, doesn’t it?  The best of people have their world turned upside down.  One of my favorite biblical passages is also very sad, yet real: “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble” (Job 14:1).  Every day, all across the world, people are having their world turned upside down.  It may be a devastating storm, an accidental or premature death, an act of violence, or other countless things.  We all have this in common:  they turn our lives upside down.

            Over the past two years, I have been involved in events which have turned my life upside down.  First, our grandson was injured seriously in a wreck, leaving him paralyzed and perhaps unable to walk for life; then my wife had five bypasses, both resulting in multiple economic and emotional problems.  But by the grace of God we have survived.

            Senior citizens have had their world turned upside down by the Obama Administration—first, their insurance and now their Social Security is being threatened.  Did you know that if senior’s today have their social security taken away that 51.4% of seniors in Kentucky will be living in poverty, while 54.8% in Tennessee will be living in poverty.  When FDR pushed the Social Security Act through congress, it was his aim for it to be a retirement fund and to be paid in during the working years of a person’s life, not to be squandered by liberal politicians in the future.  Four billion dollars wasted on golf trips and vacations in over five years, and now the elderly are being threatened by the same people who have wasted America’s wealth.  The only answer is to be found in the grace of God.  We must not give in to the ruthless and corrupt politicians of today, but stand our ground and seek guidance and help from God who has the power to undo the liberals, the radical Muslims, and the drones which some in DC are using to threaten Americans. 

            Paul and other apostles turned the world upside down with the gospel—that was the right way, and that is the way we must pursue, and not be overcome by those who are trying to turn our world upside down in an effort to overcome us.  These people want to turn us upside down to control us.  Let’s be Christians and stand our ground for righteousness.  I’ll never give in to the conspiracy for the radical Muslims to take over America and make it an Islamic State governed by Islamic Laws.  I’ll never give in to the doctrine that Islam is as good as Christianity, and that their founder is as good as Jesus Christ.  The fact is, and it doesn’t frighten me to write this, Christianity is the only religion of Devine authority.  All the others have their origin in the twisted minds of men seeking power.

            The Judgment will reveal the truth.

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