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Shall We Cower to the Enemies of America and Christianity?

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Webster’s defines the word “cower” as: “to crouch quivering in abject fear of something menacing or domineering.” Voices today say, “Be quiet, they’ll haul you in and charge you for defying the atheists, liberals, and knuckle-headed politicians.” Excuse me, but I thought we were living in America, the land of the free. Did you enemies of God never hear of freedom of speech? I, for one, will not be quiet, and I’m not afraid of the liberal progressives who are attempting to silence God-loving and American-loving citizens by spouting their propaganda designed to shut us up.

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I was thrilled by what took place at Westmoreland High School football stadium last Friday evening that I just had to tell my readers about it. Recently, under pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Sumner County Board of Education decided that student-led prayers would not be allowed to be broadcast over public address systems during school functions such as sporting events. However, at the Westmoreland and White House game Friday night, Scott Graves, during a moment of silence led a large group of fans in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Way to go, Mr. Graves! You were legal in so doing. The same thing occurred at Sycamore High School recently in Pleasant View. Buttermilk is not the only way to choke a cat to death. And there are more ways than one to beat these God-hating liberals. For a person to recite the Lord’s Prayer from the stadium, with others assisting, is legal. I hope other schools will follow suit. And, oh yes, the Supreme Court has already agreed that a student-led prayer does not violate “separation of church and state”, provided the student initiates the prayers.


Let’s form an acronym with the ACLU group. Let A stand for Apostasy, for the ACLU wants America to apostasize from her God-fearing heritage. Let C stand for Captious, for ACLU is always eager to point out the mistakes of God-loving people, but can’t see their own. Let L stand for Licentious, for the ACLU doesn’t want us controlled by the morals of the Bible, unless inside the walls of a church building. Finally, let C stand for Cockatrice, those so-called defenders of the Constitution expects us to fall over dead when they look at us.


So what we have is an apostosized, captious, and licentious group of cockatrices.


Fear not, the seed of destruction is within them. What we need to fear are the so-called God-lovers who have no backbone.

This is Just the First Inning


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Wednesday, 19 June 2019