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The liberals are printing a new bible

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The front page of the Tennessean on July 10, 2011 tells of the printing of a new bible, called the New Common English Bible. The United Methodist Church owns the Nashville-based Abingdon Press, which, along with four other publishing houses, is funding the $3.5 million dollar project.

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The Hebrews say, (King James version) “In the beginning...”, but this new liberal version reads “When God began to create the heavens and the earth…”. Now, I don’t believe for one moment that the publisher is wording this version to make it “more readable”, as they insist. No, they made it say “When God began to create the heavens and the earth…” to appease the liberals who have claimed, over the years, that the days in Genesis were each millions of years long just to satisfy the evolutionists. The days were 24 hours long then, just as they are today.


We need a new bible about like we need a new sun or moon. God has something to say about those who seek to change His book. The statement is found in Revelations 22:18,19.


That $3.5 million could have been spent on helping the poor and elderly, and the poor children of Tennessee.


This version is not a translation from the Hebrew and Greek, but a modern speech version which doesn’t always compare to true translations, such as the King James, the New King James, or the American Standard versions.


No doubt the Methodists, the Presbyterians, and perhaps the very liberal Churches of Christ will use it. I pass! Sorry, boys, I don’t want your liberal views.

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