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We Have Our Work Cut Out for Us

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We Have Our Work Cut Out for Us…Football Coaches at Westmoreland Junior High School Can’t Bow Their Heads During Prayer by Order Of Jeremy Johnson, Sumner County Schools Spokesman

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Having taught school for thirty years, and having been part of high school administration, I can’t ever recall sending a student to the principal’s office for bowing his head during prayer. The headline of a recent issue of The Westmoreland Observer reads, “Coaches Called to Principal’s Office for Bowing Heads During Post-game Prayer”. Mr. Johnson said, “We cannot give the appearance of the endorsement of religion.” What a sad, sad story, that the anti-God element in America is using the public school system to eradicate knowledge of God from the minds of our children. And what is even sadder is that educators are willing to assist the atheists and liberals in their assault on God.


In some school systems in America, Muslims are given time to put their knees in pillars and pray to Allah, but sincere coaches and teachers can’t bow their heads out of respect for God and Christ.


Just recently, the Air Force has banned a class of the Christian-based “Just War Theory” because the class used verses from the Bible. Make no mistake about it, the Muslims are behind some of this opposition to God in America, for Allah is their God and they deny Jesus is the Son of God. Last week, Iran had scheduled the execution of a preacher in Iran because he converted to Christianity. So, President Bush and President Obama, Islam is a religion of peace, you say? We have our work cut out for us. The Apostles were right when they said, “We must obey God rather than man.” By the way, I am going to continue to bow my head and keep my Bible on my desk.

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