Macon County Chronicle

Letter Carriers Food Drive to be Held Saturday, May 9th

Middle Tennessee Letter Carriers are asking their postal customers for food, not because they’re hungry, but because they want to help feed those who are. The Letter Carriers Food Drive will be held on Saturday May 9th, and residents from Middle Tennessee Communities are being asked to participate by placing non-perishable food items in specials bags, which will be distributed by the carriers during the week of May 9th, along with the bags, customers will receive additional information. Carriers will collect the food donations as part of their rounds on Saturday. Proceeds will benefit Food Banks in their community. Second Harvest is the umbrella organization for this event.

“Letter Carriers” mail satchels will be a little heavier, the trucks a little fuller and the day a little longer, but you won’t hear them complaining,” said Gary Wilder, local Food Drive Coordinator, and a member of the Rural Letter Carriers (union).” This is a tremendous opportunity for Letter Carriers, and customers alike, to give something back to their community.

Gary continued, “Letter Carriers will be conducting food drives in all fifty states; however, we in Middle Tennessee are especially excited about this effort as this will enable us to fill the pantries of our Food Banks.

On behalf of the National Association of Rural Letter Carriers (union) and the United States Postal Service we encourage all citizens of Middle Tennessee to join the effort to improve the quality of life for our less fortunate neighbors.