Macon County Chronicle

Local Mom Receives State Recognition

Laurenda Whisenhunt, of Lafayette, was honored as “Community Mother of the Year” by the Tennessee Justice Center at a reception on May 7th in Nashville.

Tennessee children were recently asked to nominate their “health care hero” mothers, by simply writing a few paragraphs on one sheet of paper and explaining what she did to ensure they received the proper health care.

A few years ago, when Karla Renee Whisenhunt underwent open heart surgery, Mrs. Whisenhunt, who was then her foster mom, was by her side at Vanderbilt Hospital for seven straight days. She played games with Karla, pulled her up and down the halls in a red wagon, and even made a scrapbook for her of the time she spent in the hospital so she would always know why she had scars on her chest.

Now her adoptive mom, Mrs. Whisenhunt, is still taking care of 12-year-old Karla and takes her to all of her follow-up appointments with the cardiologist. She officially adopted Karla in 2005 and has since adopted Karla’s sister and four other sisters, all with some sort of special needs.

“Our annual ‘Mother of the Year’ recognition is a way to acknowledge the struggles, sacrifices and devotion of Tennessee mothers,” said Michele Johnson, managing attorney at the Tennessee Justice Center, a non-profit public interest law and advocacy firm based in Nashville. “They are an inspiring example of how Tennessee mothers, and fathers, bravely persist and overcome obstacles to obtain the care that their sick and disabled children need and legally should receive.”

Mrs. Whisenhunt attended the reception with all six of her adopted daughters, each of whom has special medical needs.
The Macon County Chronicle congratulates Mrs. Laurenda Whisenhunt for being named the “Community Mother of the Year” and we acknowledge her hard work for the health care attention these young children deserve.