Macon County Chronicle

Macon County Man Pleads Guilty To TennCare Fraud

Richard Michael JentMacon County resident Richard Michael Jent, 38, pled guilty to charges of TennCare fraud during a Circuit Court hearing on Monday, February 4.

Jent is accused of intentially failing to tell the state that he was enrolled in employer-sponsored health insurance, which would have made him ineligible for TennCare and receiving TennCare medical benefits of $11,588.36 and  $1,457.26 in pharmacy benefits.

Jent was sentenced to a year of probation and restitution for the $13,045.62 he received in medical and pharmacy benefits during his trial.

Jent enrolled in the TennCare program before Governor Phil Bredesen’s campaign to tighten TennCare eligibility, making adults who are not eligible for Medicaid to receive Medicaid benefits.

“Historically, there had been a strong perception that there were many cases like this in the TennCare program – people getting benefits they were not eligible for,” Inspector General Deborah Y. Faulker said in a December press release. “Thanks to Governor Bredesen’s reforms, and his intiative to wage war on TennCare fraud, we are quickly eliminating this problem while continuing to pursue cases that occurred in the past.”