Macon County Chronicle

County approved clean-up bid

The money that the county gets back from the recycled metal will go towards paying the 12% of of the cost of clean-up that the county will be responsible for, commissioners voted unanimously.

TEMA has found someone to haul away the wood chips at the landfill, free of charge, Linville told commissioners.

Sheriff Mark Gammons asked commissioners to let him send county inmate’s medical bills to CRS for itemization, advising that the company only gets paid a percentage of what it saves the county.

"We evaluate the bills the same way your insurance company evaluates your medical bills,” said Frank, representative of CRS.

“We look at the codes on the medical claims and just make sure the charges are as, um, professional as they should be.

CRS saved Trousdale County $5000 last year, even after the cost of purchasing insurance from them.

“Our only fee is a percentage of what we save you,” Frank said. “If you buy insurance from us, that’s a 25% charge; if not, it’s 30%. You can do one or another – you don’t have to do both.”

Gammons said he was just asking to send the bills for evaluation at this time, and would like to look into the purchase of insurance from CRS at budget time.

A motion by Boles, seconded by Snow, to let Gammons send inmate’s medical bills to CRS was carried unanimously.

Commissioner Bobby Bransford reported on the organizational meeting held at the Tri-County Vocational School last week to go over the by-laws and to talk about how to divide the cost of building maintenance, staff salaries, and other costs that don’t include student costs.

Jackson County suggested that the two counties split operational costs along the same lines as student ratios: Macon at 70% and Jackson at 30%.

Bransford disagreed, saying he thought the two counties should share the operational costs equally, at $200,000 each.

He also reported that the State Board of Regents is investigating the possibility of turning the vocational school into the same kind of Technology Center that’s in Hartsville, with a two-year phase-in plan.

No decisions were made at the meeting, Bransford said.

In other business, commissioners:
•were advised by Linville that the county had been awarded a $1.027 million grant, through the Soil Conservation Service, to remove tornado debris from creeks.
•passed a motion to change the speed limit to 35 m.p.h. in front of the Sunrise Church, from the Sunrise Cemetery to the intersection of Bethany Road, at the request of church members.
•heard from Director of Schools Darrell Law that the School Board would bring proposed upgrades before them at next months’ meeting.
•passed on to the April meeting the matter of replacing the boundary fence between the old landfill and private landowners, as Scott Gammons had not yet heard from bidders that he had approached about the job.
•elected the following notaries public: Jeanie Gregory, Kristy M. Cline, and Frances Goad.
•passed budget amendments in: Probation Services, Other Public Safety, County Court Clerk, County Buildings, and Health Department.

The next regular meeting of the county court will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 7.