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Join Paranormal State Cast in Thomas House Hotel Field Trip

 After the ‘Room 37’ episode of A&E Network’s supernatural series Paranormal State, featuring the historic Thomas House Hotel, premiered on Monday, April 13th, hotel owner Cherry Cole said phones have been ringing off the hook with calls from curious travelers hoping to book a room and possibly have their own paranormal experiences.

But recently, one of those phone calls came from the show’s producers themselves, requesting a second visit to the historic hotel for a two-day Paranormal State Field Trip this August.

Paranormal State Field Trips give anyone interested in the paranormal the opportunity to participate in the hands-on investigation and research aspects of chosen sites deemed “active” by the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) and allow the cast and crew to investigate with fans and attendees.

The show’s all-star cast members (Ryan Buell, Elfie, Katrina, Chad, Sergey and Heather) and special guests Lorraine Warren, Michelle Belanger and Chip Coffey (psychic mediums) will host the Thomas House field trip, which promises to offer several educational and entertainment events.
The cost to participate is $250 per person and includes:

A Wide Variety of Lectures: This field trip offers the most educational and entertaining workshops of any other field trip. Paranormal State cast members Ryan Buell and Chad Calek will hold special presentations, as well as psychic mediums Chip Coffey, Michelle Belanger, and Lorraine Warren.

Hands-On Workshops: Attendees will have the chance to attend workshops that offer hands-on exercises. Join PRS member Eilfie as she shares her expertise on historical research, followed by exercises on actually conducting research by you, the Field Tripper. Take guided psychic and meditation sessions with Michelle Belanger. Discuss paranormal theory in a small classroom setting, and much more.

An Old-Fashioned Séance at 3 a.m. Dead Time: Michelle Belanger will lead an old-fashioned table 100-candlesseance in the old Thomas House Hotel. You’ll sit in the nearly pitch-black room, joining hands and calling upon the spirits of the Inn to manifest. For those especially interested in the spiritual/psychical aspect of investigations, this will be an informative session. It will start with a basic class on the do’s and don’ts of seances, as well as a brief history overview.

A Ghost Hunt: Join your team leaders as they take you in to the dark corners of the Inn. Attendees will be allowed to participate in a brief ghost hunt with the cast and special guests. And as a special treat, any attendees who can prove that they are with a valid paranormal team will get a chance at an extended ghost hunt after regular ghost hunting hours.

Guided Thomas House Tour with PRS/AGH (American Ghost Hunters): Go deeper in to the legend of the Thomas House and the “Room 37 episode.” You will be taken on a special tour around the Thomas House where members of PRS, AGH and Thomas House employees will be stationed at various locations to share stories about their experiences at the hotel. PRS member Katrina will share her experiences that happened during Dead Time in Room 37; Michelle will be stationed in the family portrait hallway to share her experiences with the locked door opening twice; Ryan and Chad will be in the Eastern Wing to show evidence of the Shadows and Shadow Figure that they experienced during Dead Time.

Dinner Commentary & Dinner Theatre: On night one, watch the “Dead and Breakfast” episode with the cast as they provide commentary, followed by a massive blooper reel that is sure to get people laughing. On the second night, enjoy a haunted dinner theatre, with ghost stories, plays and more!
Much More: Get psychic readings and books at the vending area, take group photos with the investigators, have a group circle discussion outside (weather permitting) and more.

The goal of such field trips, as stated on the Paranormal State website, is for PRS to donate a piece of the profits towards a goal – “something Field Trip participants can feel proud that they’ve contributed to.”

A personal and public goal are set for each field trip (Personal: Examples include, a Field Trip mug, t-shirt or other souvenir; Public: Donation to a charity, public service or non-profit paranormal group). The goal of the Thomas House field trip will be announced before the event.

For those of you not familiar with the paranormal history of the Thomas House Hotel, tales include a former cook who still remains in the room he once lived in, a whistling man who walks the halls during the day, a gentleman who haunts the front desk where guests check in and a little girl believed to be named Sara, who died at the hotel when she was brought to the town for the healing waters.

Although the Thomas House will be large enough for attendees to visit during the day, it is not large enough to provide lodging for all Field Trippers. Nearby hotels, however, are still available for lodging including the Armour’s Red Boiling Springs Hotel (615-699-2180) and The Donoho Hotel (615-699-3141).

To purchase tickets or for more information on the Paranormal State Field Trip to the Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, visit For all other questions, contact the Thomas House Hotel at 615-699-3006.