Macon County Chronicle

Hayden Shrum Benefit June 13th

An excited group of Hayden Shrum’s friends and well-wishers met on June 6th, and began organizing teams to play in a benefit basketball tournament, to be held this coming Saturday, June 13.

Teams were hyped up and getting ready to play! Some of those competing will be the Pink Panthers, Mustangs, Devils, Part-Timers, Pick Ups, Old Fogies, Celtics, and even one called Dirty Laundry.

Ronnie Mowell has been charged with the responsibility of grilling some of his secret recipe hamburgers, sure to be a crowd pleaser.  

Mowell commented, “I followed Hayden through Little League, Babe Ruth, whether through umpiring or on the radio. Very, very early on, you could tell that kid was special.  Pitcher-wise, he is a phenomenal young man. He had a God given talent and used it.”

Mowell is looking forward to being involved in the benefit saying, “Buying a hamburger is a very little thing to do for this young man.”

Bonnie Stone, Hayden’s Grandmother, is excited about the tournament and the manner in which everyone has rallied in support of Hayden.

“Hayden loved ball more than anything, that was his life,” said Ms. Stone.

“I just really want to thank the community for everything they have done for Hayden.  They have poured out their hearts.  I appreciate everybody that came to his prayer at Key Park. The people in the community have been so good us,” she said, and the prayers on his behalf have been a great source of strength.

“Start making your town a better place each day,” Hayden advised recently in his CaringBridges Journal.  Come Saturday, we will see a community doing just that!

Keep praying for this young man who has touched the community’s heart with his faith and be sure to get to some of the games on Saturday.