Macon County Chronicle

MCHS Students Challenge Ruling

Chris Snyder and Griffin Williston, upcoming Seniors of Macon County High School were present for the June 11th meeting of the board of Education.  Snyder was on the agenda to address actions taken by he Student Council.

The Student Council passed an amendment to their constitution prohibiting students from running for class officer if they have served more than five days in an Alternative Learning Center (ALC) in the previous school year.  

Snyder and Williston were serving ALC time when the amendment was passed, which was decided by a secret ballot vote, requiring three-fourths majority vote of council members.
Prior to the amendment, the Student Council Constitution spoke in general terms about high standards of conduct in leadership, though it contained no specific provisions regarding ALC or Behavioral Intervention.

Snyder stated that the ruling is unfair, and based this on ex post facto and double jeopardy.

According to Snyder, both he and Griffin Williston were already serving their punishment when the rule was made by the Student Council.

He also offered that another punishment, tacked onto the already served ALC, is double jeopardy.

“We served the punishment… let the students decide if they want us,” suggested Snyder.  “I’m not sure we have jurisdiction on that body,” said Board Member Steve Walton.  

After it was clarified that the ruling came through the Student Council, Vice Principal Stephanie Meador offered, “I believe their recourse would be to appeal to that body.”
Williston and Snyder expressed concern about the issue being settled prior to the school year, when election for officers would begin.

Following a discussion, Board members voted to table the authorization for new positions, following a motion made Board Member Wheeley, who suggested they “get more figures on it.”   Positions include Elementary Guidance, ALC Administrator, Special Education Behavioral Teacher, CTE positions, Social Studies, MCJH Assistant Principal and Guidance for MCHS.

Two new buses will be purchased from the past year’s budget as the Board voted to accept a bid from Cumberland International for $91,897 for each 78 passenger transit style bus.  
Two other close bids were reviewed, but the board acted on the recommendation of the Transportation Supervisor, electing to go with equipment same as they currently have and that mechanics are accustomed to working on.

“Mr. Holland did a good job of being conservative,” said Shirley Johnson, who detailed some of the savings areas.

In other business:

•    Bids were awarded to Family Care Center for Bus Driver Physical and Alcohol and Drug Screenings.

•    Mixon-Nollner was awarded the bid for diesel fuel at seven cents over cost, with the exception of Red Boiling Springs which will be serviced by Fleet Core.

•    Blankenship Pest Control was awarded the bid for pest control.

•    Southern Bell was awarded a bid for milk items.

•    A contract with Nashville Elevator for MCHS was approved with a cost of $179 per quarter.

•    Approval was granted for two teachers to attend a Differentiated Instruction Conference in Chicago, Illinois on July 7th through 9th.

•    A National School Lunch and Breakfast Application agreement Policy for 09-10 school year was approved.

•    Approval was granted for a school breakfast waiver for MCHS for the upcoming years.

•    Payroll and Payables Department were granted the authority to destroy blanks check stock, obsolete, due to equipment changes.