Macon County Chronicle

LPD Finds Over $1,400 Worth of Stolen Walmart Merchandise

During the early a.m. hours on Saturday, June 27th, Lafayette Police discovered over $1,400 worth of stolen Walmart merchandise inside a vehicle being operated by 27-year-old Chris Carr of Westmoreland.

Carr, who was accompanied by his children and wife Nicole, was pulled over by police at the Murphy USA gas station near the Lafayette Walmart, after store employees noticed him removing pool cues from his pants.

Lafayette Police Detective Grant Malo, accompanied by Officers J.J. Ruiz and Jaxon Dale searched the vehicle and questioned both Chris and Nicole, discovering 73 stolen items.

Among the stolen goods discovered were fishing reels, a safe, perfume, cologne, cosmetics, an estimated 50 pocket knives, Play Station games, a digital camera, flashlights and watches.

According to Detective Malo, Carr had around $140 worth of purchased canned drinks inside Wal-Mart bags in the vehicle and the stolen items were buried between them.

“We believe that the majority of the stolen items were taken in that one night, but we have reason to suspect this has been going on for awhile,” he remarked.

Chris Carr was charged with theft over $1,000 and Schedule II drug violations with the possibility of an additional public intoxication charge. He is being held on $8,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on August 5th.

Charges against 30-year-old Nicole Carr are pending at this time and it is unclear yet whether the couple involved their children in the incident.

Aside from the video surveillance captured by Walmart, blood from a cut on Chris’ hand has been found on two of the stolen knives, adding a DNA component to the evidence collected by police.