Macon County Chronicle

18-Year-Old Charged in Six Auto Burglaries

Eighteen-year-old Justin Tyler Staneart, of New Lane in Red Boiling Springs, was arrested and charged with six counts of burglary, five counts of theft of property and one count of vandalism on Wednesday, June 24th, after detectives from the Macon County Sheriffs Department discovered numerous items at his residence that were recently reported stolen in a string of auto thefts.

According to Macon County Sheriffs Department Detective Darrel Taylor, police originally arrived at Staneart’s residence to return property that was stolen from his step-father when they noticed several car stereos resting on a table, one baring a resemblance to a stereo reported stolen in the nearby area.

“After talking to Staneart, he admitted that he had taken it,” Taylor said. “And after interviewing him, he confessed to have stolen several others.”

Staneart told police he had burglarized vehicles on New Lane Road, Highway 52 E. and King Hill Rd.

The number of burglarized vehicles linked to Staneart has increased as the investigation has prolonged, with potential victims contacting the sheriffs department with lists of stolen items.

“We’re still getting back stolen items that have been bought or traded,” Taylor remarked. “Just on the six thefts he’s been charged with, we’re looking at a total of around $6,000 for the value of the items and damage to the vehicles. That number doesn’t even include the unknown cases.”

Included in the stolen items confiscated by the sheriffs department are tools, a digital camera, a leather jacket, car stereos, a pocketbook and wallet, stereo speakers, a baby’s diaper bag, a remote control car and a cell phone.

Staneart is being held on $18,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on July 22nd.

Anyone with further information or questions concerning this case, should contact the Macon County Sheriffs Department at 666-3325.