Macon County Chronicle

340 Marijuana Plants Found

Two Macon County residents, Ellen and Nicholas Theohary, were arrested on charges of manufacturing marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia on Tuesday, July 21, after members of the Macon County Sheriffs Department, in conjunction with the Governor’s Task Force of Marijuana Eradication and the Tennessee National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, conducted a two-day, countywide flyover in an effort to eliminate the local production of marijuana.

A total of 340 marijuana plants in Macon County were discovered, harvested and destroyed during the project, thanks to the joint efforts of local and state authorities.

Beginning with the east side of Macon County on Monday, July 20th, several marijuana patches were sighted by helicopter, located by a ground team and then harvested by authorities. While no arrests were made on Monday, authorities are continuing their investigation to locate those involved in the operation.  

Following up with the west side of the county the following Tuesday, marijuana plants were located aerially in an area off Carter Branch Road.

“In that area, we identified trails leading in the direction of a residence,” said Macon County Sheriffs Department Detective Bill Cothron. “The ground team harvested the plants and met with the tenant of 3339 Carter Branch Road, Ellen Theohary.”

After speaking with her, police noticed a roll of wire in the back of a pick-up truck belonging to Mrs. Theohary, which was consistent with wire found at the crime scene, used to protect the marijuana plants.

“At that time we obtained a search warrant and discovered items at the residence that were consistent with the use and manufacturing of marijuana,” Cothron remarked. “Subsequently, Mrs. Theohary’s husband, Nicholas Theohary, arrived home, and we were able to arrest both on charges of manufacturing of marijuana, over ten plants, and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Nicholas Theohary was also charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

Other patches of the illegal plants were discovered and harvested on the west side of the county and the investigation into those involved is ongoing.

Forty-seven-year-old Ellen Theohary’s bond was set for $5,000, while 47-year-old Nicholas Theohary’s bond was established at $10,000, due to the additional weapon charge. Both are natives of New York.  

A General Sessions Court date has been set for August 26th.