Macon County Chronicle

MCSD Seizes $18,000 of Property & Drugs

On Tuesday, August 11th, Macon County Sheriffs Department Deputy Kyle Petty, K-9 Deputy Mark Brawner and Sergeant Ron Smith, along with officers from the Westmoreland Police Department, arrived at 9609 Old Hwy 52, the residence of 45-year-old Thomas G. Hanvy. After discovering that Hanvy had warrants out for his arrest in Sumner County, deputies noticed a strong odor of marijuana at the residence and requested permission to search the premises, which was granted by the homeowner.
During their initial search of the residence, deputies located rolling papers, burnt marijuana cigarettes and seeds, and a large amount of cash inside a gun safe.
Continuing their search of the property, officers uncovered approximately 2 pounds of marijuana, in two ammunition containers, inside a hidden compartment at the foot of Hanvy’s bed.
Following the sizeable discovery, Macon County Sheriffs Department Detectives Bill Cothron and Daryl Taylor were called to the scene to investigate the entire property.
During the officers’ final search, the Macon County Sheriffs Department seized drug paraphernalia, $4,440 in cash, a 2003 Dodge pickup truck, 11 guns and the illegal drugs discovered inside Hanvy’s residence. The seized property has an estimated value of $18,000.
“I’m proud of the deputies and this department for doing such an outstanding job on this case,” remarked Sheriff Mark Gammons. “Our K-9 Buzz deserves a big thanks as well. Eliminating drugs in Macon County is a top priority of ours, and every time we make an arrest or seize property in a drug related case such as this one, we’re one step closer to reaching our goal and keeping drugs off of our streets.”
While Hanvy was taken to the Sumner County Jail to face outstanding warrants for the sale of a Schedule VI drug (marijuana), he returned to Macon County to contend with the local charges of manufacturing of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia against him.
He is being held on $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on August 19th.