Macon County Chronicle

Sheriffs Department to be Featured in Upcoming Issue of Law Officer Magazine

Photos of our very own Macon County Sheriffs Department will be featured in a future issue of Law Officer Magazine, to accompany an informative article on rural law enforcement departments.

Promoting the relationship between law enforcement and the media, and recruiting and retention programs, the media interaction photos were shot at a simulated crime scene designed to recreate a homicide, and photos of the Sheriffs Department Explorers Program, which grooms those between the ages of 14 and 21 interested in a career in law enforcement, will be used to represent the recruiting and retention process in the upcoming publication.

Amy Phelps of North Central Broadcasting and this reporter, representing the Macon County Chronicle, played their reporter roles in the mock homicide photos by acting to interview Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons at the crime scene.

Macon County Sheriffs Department Detective Bill Cothron, Chief Deputy Stacy Gann and Sergeant Kimball Hall also played their familiar roles as crime scene investigators during the photo shoot, while Detective Jeff Brewer recreated the role of the victim.

Law Officer Magazine Editor in Chief Dale Stockton originally visited Macon County shortly after the 2008 tornado that hit Lafayette, offering his assistance in what was dubbed “Project Inspire II,” where donated equipment from the magazine’s advertisers was supplied to Macon County to assist in the disaster.

Last week, when the topic of rural law enforcement agencies was chosen to be featured in the magazine, Stockton was quick to remember his experiences in Macon County and the friendly officers he encountered during his visit.

The magazine, which is nationally distributed to law enforcement agencies, also featured a story on Sheriffs Department Officer Troy Griggs in 2008, when his home was destroyed by the tornado.

And now, after being chosen to represent rural law enforcement agencies across the country, the Macon County Sheriffs Department considers the experience and privilege of being selected to feel extremely rewarding.

“It makes our entire department feel good and very honored that they would consider us an up-to-date department from a rural area, and to use our images to illustrate their story,” said Detective Cothron. “We’re very proud of that.”