Macon County Chronicle

Three-Year-Old Thomas Gunter Battles Leukemia

In the news today, we often hear about war and conflict across the four corners of the world, and little three year old Thomas Gunter, is in a battle of his own, facing a very strong opponent, called leukemia, which is a disease of the blood or bone marrow. In his struggle to defeat this form of cancer, which is characterized by the rapid increase of immature blood cells, people are rallying by his side, devoting their time, faith, and tremendous attitude of love to help this little fellow rise above this unforeseen obstacle suddenly in his path and bring a smile back to his face and laughter in his heart. With faithful friends and relatives, to light the way toward recovery with an ocean of mercy, let’s all pray that Thomas will be blessed with a bright future ahead of him.

Thomas, who is the grandson of Judy and Wayne Knight of Macon County, and the son of Rachael and Allen Gunter of Trousdale County, was diagnosed in early June, spending close to three weeks in Vanderbilt Hospital, taking chemo treatments, and the family needs help with the transportation expenses and hospital stays.

“The pills he takes for nausea are $54 a pill, and the insurance company will only pay so much,” said Tammy Gunter when contacted by telephone on Sunday night, September 13th.  “He still has a wonderful attitude and smiles alot, but the sickness is draining his energy and he struggles to play outside on his swing set. It also hurts Thomas when we pick him up now and this is very difficult for us when we long to put our arms around his little body and comfort him as we try and hide our tears of heartache.”

A benefit for Thomas was held on Saturday, September 12th, at 6:00 p.m. at Westside School, which included a cakewalk, spaghetti supper and auction. The immediate family is selling raffle ticks on a country ham, a quilt and a twenty five dollar Wal Mart gift certificate.

“Thomas had a treatment on Monday, September 14th, and his automated neutrophil was at 10%, lowering his immune system to kill the cancer cells,” his mother, Rachael said on Tuesday morning, “and at this point the doctors suggest we keep him at home and away from crowds.”

“In the midst of all this turmoil, the doctors have given us a three and a half year timeline of recovery. We try and remain calm to help bring comfort to our son and grandson and we count every day as a blessing, as we have turned to God for help in our time of need.”

“We personally extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone that came to the benefit at Westside School on Saturday night in honor of our young son, and all donations were greatly appreciated. Please remember to keep us in your prayers."