In honor of the September 11th tragedy that shook our nation eight years ago and the brave men and women who lost their lives that day, the Macon County Chronicle wishes to take the opportunity to show our appreciation for the local men and women that put their own lives on the line each day to protect and assist the residents of our community.

We have dedicated a publication entitled 'Surrounded by Heroes' to the law enforcement officers, rescue workers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, soldiers, emergency responders, dispatchers and volunteers who selflessly serve us, and Macon County, when we need them most.


We all witnessed the strength and dedication of our emergency responders last year in the wake of the February tornado. Never wavering in their commitment to help our community heal, their persistence inspired many and their compassion provided comfort to the most wounded hearts.
Inside this week's 28-page publication, are the stories and faces of such individuals and an introduction to the local emergency response departments that contribute to our safety, health and protection every day.

We salute the brave men and women of Macon County who have chosen a life of service to their community and wish to thank them for their courage and selflessness– you are all truly heroes.

To receive your copy of 'Surrounded by Heroes,' pick up this week's printed edition of the Macon County Chronicle