Macon County Chronicle

Five Confess to Assault & Robbery of Mennonite Couple

Two Macon County Sheriffs Department Deputies, Matt Looper and Mark Bartley, recently assisted the Allen County, Kentucky, Sheriffs Office in the capture of two Macon County adults and three Macon County juveniles involved in the assault and robbery of an elderly, Allen County, Mennonite couple on Friday, October 2nd.

According to Allen County Sheriff Sam Carter, the male victim was badly beaten by his assailants and the female victim was choked during the attack.

“After gathering evidence from the scene, we were led to a suspect in Macon County,” Sheriff Carter explained. “We then contacted the Macon County Sheriffs Department and Deputies Looper and Bartley assisted us from Friday night through Saturday morning.”

The two Macon County adults arrested in the case, 30-year-old Harley Elmer Cherry of Lafayette, and 21-year-old Alberto Lopez, also of Lafayette, were found to be accompanied by three Macon County juveniles during the assault and robbery.

Carter credits the Macon County officers and K-9 unit for the speedy capture and confessions of the suspects.

“I want to commend the officers at the Macon County Sheriffs Department,” he commented. “They assisted us in every way they could and beyond – working with us all Friday night through Saturday morning. I’d like the Macon County public to know that we are proud to be your neighbor and we very much appreciate the way your officers stepped in to help us.”

“This was a very violent and heinous crime, and we want to make sure that the deputies at the Macon County Sheriffs Department get the credit they deserve for finding those responsible for this crime.”

The items stolen from the Allen County couple were retrieved by law enforcement officials and according to Sheriff Carter, the suspects confessed within 24 hours of their arrests.

“The biggest part of what was stolen was retrieved primarily due to the work of deputies Looper and Bartley,” he added.

Cherry and Lopez were charged with assault, robbery and kidnapping and additional charges are pending in the case.

All five of the suspects arrested in the case are currently being housed at the Macon County Jail and will soon be transported to Kentucky to face charges.

Sheriff Carter says he plans to personally write letters to Deputies Looper and Bartley, thanking them for their diligent efforts.