Macon County Chronicle

RBS Resident Evicted from Home of 20 Years

Angela York, who was born in 1962, lives in the Portland Housing Authority, located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee and on Monday morning, October 3rd, she found herself along with all her belongings outside under a cloudy sky, evicted from an apartment she had called home for over 20 years. After discovering she was basically residing in unsafe living conditions with boxes and old plastic sacks full of keep sakes scattered everywhere she was ordered by the court to clean up or risk losing her home. Suffering from seizures, Angela who actually needs special guidance, lives alone and probably didn’t even understand the consequences. Failing to appear in court, a default ruling was awarded the Portland Housing Authority, allowing them to take possession of the apartment. Then also failing to file an appeal in the ten-day time frame, a writ of possession was issued allowing the eviction procedures to be carried out.

“Angela attends church at the Bethel Worship Center in Lafayette, where I am also a member,” said Barbara LaFrance on Monday afternoon, October 5th, “and Pastor Dot and I decided to get a small group together and clean her apartment, and help with her personal hygiene as well. But surprisingly the housing authority informed us it was too late, she was out.”

“I vividly remember her asking me to pray for her, and my heart just broke realizing Angela had no one to actually turn too. But fortunately for her, the citizens of Red Boiling Springs along with the local police department stepped in and Robert Stroop, who is the owner and operator of the Donoho Hotel here in town, offered her a room until permanent accommodations can be acquired.”

“It was very disturbing to see this defenseless woman evicted from her apartment while she still had on her nightgown,” another resident in the complex stated. It was heartbreaking watching tears stream down her cheeks while the last of her possessions were stacked on the sidewalk with rain predicted that night. But in the midst of this turmoil, the quiet hands of friends found her a place for the night.

After filling out a rent application, Angela hopefully will be accepted sometime this week and will once again have a place to call home. We certainly wish her all the best and we want to personally thank the citizens of Red Boiling Springs for helping out in Angela’s time of need. God bless you all!
If we are not our brother’s keeper, then who will our keeper be