Macon County Chronicle

Disaster recovery information Expo for disaster affected citizens

The Long-Term Recovery of Macon County (LTRMC) is planning a Disaster Recovery Information Expo this Saturday, March 29 from 12:00-3:00 PM at MCHS for all citizens affected by the disaster and participating vendors.  This Info Expo will be a lunch cookout and information day to explain the recovery organization’s purposes, process, and services.  Lunch will be served beginning at noon.   Brochures which contain contact information will be provided.  This event was planned so that disaster affected citizens can get the information quickly in order to be able to begin accessing available services.

The initial process to meet the existing needs will begin with the Christian Reform World Relief Committee who will begin to do individual disaster assessments in the area in two weeks for all disaster victims. Those with existing needs will then be referred to the LTRMC for assistance. 

It the meantime, the case managers will complete their training and should be ready to begin working individually with those affected by the disaster by the time the assessments are completed.  The case managers will then present the remaining needs to the organization so that resources can be accessed or found to help meet those needs.

With the continuing need for debris removal, repair and rebuilding, the coordination of the volunteer program of the LTRMC is critical.  The National Relief Network and the Christian World Relief Organization will be sending groups of volunteers at intervals beginning March 30 to help with disaster debris removal.  Those citizens needing clean-up assistance will be encouraged to give contact information and the type and amount of assistance needed to Ed Swanson, the LTRMC Volunteer Coordinator who is now coordinating the volunteer program.  All volunteers wishing to help with clean-up, repairs, or reconstruction will be encouraged to contact Ed.

Voucher forms and vendor agreements will also be available and will be discussed with interested merchants/vendors who are in attendance.  Merchants and licensed insured contractors who are interested in participating in this effort through the voucher process are encouraged to contact the organization.

For more information about the Info Expo or to contact the LTRMC, call 615-666-9714 (which has an answering machine) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .