Macon County Chronicle

School Board Arranges Closed Meeting for Parents to Address Bullying

The Macon County Board of Education met on Thursday night, October 8th, in regular session.  Once again parents appeared to address bullying issues and inquired about punishment for a student at Macon County Junior High.

In the September meeting, parents and the board discussed punishment for an offense to be served, that according to the board, would be served by a student.  The parents appearing at last Thursday night’s meeting asked why they had not followed their word, about requiring a student to sit out of a specified student activity, saying that a complaint had been filed.

“I read the complaint, and I didn’t understand what you were asking us to do,” replied Director of School Dan Hampton, who related that he had been on the job only three days when he became aware of the situation.

The parents speaking told the board “We have been in court today,” and remarked that the situation continued because of the school “not following their own guidelines.”

Other parents appeared at the meeting, but were told they could not speak, because of not being on the agenda. Three families were asked to return to a closed special called meeting to be held on Monday night, October 12th, where each would be allowed time to speak in closed sessions, individually, with the Director of Schools and the School Board members.

Transportation Supervisor Larry Holland advised the board, “In 2013, ten buses roll off the lot.”  Holland presented information so the board could decide if purchasing some used buses might be an option.

After reviewing the price, board members were in unison about the need for the dependable, quality transportation. “I can’t conscientiously suggest buying a used bus,” said Board Member Jimmy Cook.

A discussion was had over the County Commission purchasing vehicles for departments such as the Sheriff’s Department, when Cook stated,” If the county is going to buy vehicles for two other departments, I think they should buy buses too.”   The board discussed advantages of staying with the same brand bus due to familiarity by mechanics and equipment used.

At the close of the discussion, Holland was asked to gather information on new bus prices and attend an upcoming work session to discuss.

School Board members approved revisions to Policy 1.108 regarding Nepotism on second reading. The new requirements apply to appointments or transfers rather than existing situations and will eliminate future appointment position where a member of his/her immediate family maintains supervisory or evaluation responsibilities for the position.

Policy 1.400 revisions regarding school board meetings also passed on  second reading. The revised policy deals with the school board agenda, authority to post new positions, appearance requests, and conduct. The policy details grounds for removal from the board room, signs, seating, disruptions, distribution of literature, smoking, cell phone use, Robert’s Rules of Order, and a listing of personnel required to attend meetings.