Macon County Chronicle

Armed Robbery on Stinson Road

Two suspects were arrested in Allen County, Kentucky, on charges of aggravated robbery and assault after allegedly committing armed robbery on West Stinson Rd. in Macon County on Sunday, October 25th.

Macon County Sheriffs Deputy Matt Looper responded to a call at 88 West Stinson Rd. Monday night, after a male victim reported being robbed at gunpoint in a vehicle he was a passenger in.

According to Macon County Sheriffs Department Detective Bill Cothron, the driver of the vehicle, Joseph Beddow II, and his wife, Kelly Beddow, were acquaintances of the victim, and he and a second passenger were being dropped off by the couple in the Rocky Mound Community when things went horribly awry.

“Deputy Looper took statements from both victims, who identified the suspects as Joseph and Kelly Beddow, both of Scottsville, Kentucky,” stated Detective Cothron.

The victims relayed that during the drive, Joseph Beddow pulled over on West Stinson Road, exited the vehicle and retrieved a shotgun from the trunk of the maroon Oldsmobile.

Threatening the victims, Beddow ordered one of them to empty his pockets, exit the vehicle and lay in the ditch. After taking the items from the victim’s pockets, the suspects fled the scene with the second victim still inside the vehicle, at which time the freed victim ran to a nearby house and phoned police.

Detective Cothron reported that the second victim was also robbed and later released in Allen County, Kentucky.

“After being notified of the incident, I worked with officers from the Scottsville Police Department and the Allen County Sheriffs Department to begin the investigation,” Cothron remarked. “The investigation led to the discovery of the weapon used in the armed robbery, the vehicle and the two suspects.”

Warrants were then obtained for Joseph and Kelly Beddow, and the couple was arrested in Allen County, where they currently await extradition to Tennessee.

Both are being held on $25,000 bond.

“The Macon County Sheriffs Department wishes to thank the Scottsville Police Department and the Allen County Sheriffs Department for their assistance in apprehending the suspects involved in this case,” Cothron stated.

No shots were fired and no injuries were reported to have occurred during the armed robbery. The items taken by the suspects included money, a cell phone and a wallet carrying the victim’s identification.