Macon County Chronicle

'No Shacks Wanted' - Commissioners Allow Property Rezone for Apartments & Tire Shop

County Commissioners voted to allow the rezoning of two pieces of property during last Monday night’s meeting, following the public hearing held at the onset of the Legislative Body Session.

A couple of citizens spoke in opposition to the F.D. Fuqua property being rezoned, in order for the owner to be able to build a tri-plex apartment on the land, at 824 Wixtown Road.  “I’d just like it to be zoned so I can have a little more income,” adding that he wouldn’t build shacks or add junk trailers.

“He doesn’t screen the renters.  We’ve had nothing but trouble,” Lisa Akers stated.   She stated that she lives near some of Fuqua’s renters, and was opposed to the rezoning.  “We have enough trouble in the area, as it is,” she remarked.

Mr. Murl Wix also stated his opposition, “We have a nice community.  We don’t need the trouble that it brings… people moving in and out.”

He quoted codes on the land when it was purchased such as no swine, no junk cars, one mobile home or house and pointed out, “This is not going to profit anyone except Mr. F.D. Fuqua. We are opposed to it.”

Commissioner David Crowder told fellow commissioners the property is in his district and reiterated current restrictions such as no junk cars, block foundations, and offered, “It doesn’t say anything about a duplex or triplex, and if he builds it under the code, I don’t think there is anyway we can deny it.   We just have to look at what’s legal.”

Mayor Linville asked County Attorney Holliman for input and was told, “Assuming that it is rezoned, those regulations only apply between the buyers and the sellers.  The county is not bound by those restrictions,” and added that buyers and sellers may have a private right against someone who violates those rights.  “They could bring an action back,” said Holliman.

“The other people that purchased that day, if they are opposed to this, it means then they have no say?” questioned Wix.  

“We gave them an opportunity,” said Mayor Linville, stating that the hearing was advertised.

The motions carried as did another motion to allow the rezoning of the Ronnie Likens property, located at 872 Bradley Hollow Road from R-1 Residential to C-1 Commercial for the purpose of placing a used tire shop in an existing building on the property.

Mr. Likens stated in the hearing that he owned most of the property around  the proposed area, and that he desired to put in a tire machine and balancer.

After much discussion, County Commissioners voted to allocate $10,000 from the Fund Balance for the purchase of needed stop signs.

Attorney Holliman was once again questioned about the liability to the county regarding missing signs and   “Once we know, it puts us on notice,” he commented.  Commissioners discussed the need and also the concern of “dipping” into the General Fund.

“$10,000 is a drop in the bucket, when we become liable for an injury,” Commissioner Scott Gammons.

“We appreciate the coverage you have given us on this,” Mayor Linville announced to media representatives. “This is not a game.  It could cost somebody their life…”

Commissioners discussed the construction of a building to house a West Macon extrication unit and the cost of striping a retired EMS vehicle for the West Macon Rescue Squad.

Captain Thomas O’Saile was asked about room for septic systems and fill lines on their current property. O’Saile then inquired if anyone had checked on the potential use of land where the Cross Roads Community Center sits.  Nancy Doss was present in the audience and suggested that someone speak with the FCE club that maintains the building stating that the club struggles with the money to keep it up and that it might be something to think about.  

In other business:

•    Proclamations approved by the full body included Family History Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Child Health Week and Red Ribbon Week.  

•    Four persons were elected by acclimation as Notary Publics including Erin Ashworth, Suelene Carr, Pamela Colter, and Carol Rich.

•    A motion carried allowing to video County Commission meetings at no cost to the county.

Due to Daylight Saving Time ending, the November 2nd County Commissioner’s Committee of the Whole meeting will begin at 6 p.m.