Macon County Chronicle

Citizens for Smart Choices Holds Press Conference

Citizens for Smart Choices, which is a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens, taxpayers, homeowners and residents of Macon County, held a press conference on Monday, November 23rd, discussing their organization and voicing their concerns.

Seeking to improve government in Macon County, they have been meeting once monthly since mid 2008 to discuss issues that seem to plague our county and their common goal is to seek solutions for our mounting problems.

“Citizens for Smart Choices recognizes first, that there are elected officials in Macon County that are attempting to fulfill their responsibilities,” said spokesperson Greg Wilson, “and we acknowledge their efforts and will support them in the next election. But we want to be a voice for the regular citizens and the issues we have to deal with including zoning, the lack of quality jobs and quality industry, the overload on city and county services by the undocumented immigrant population and numerous other problems.”

“We want the people to come to our meetings and realize they also have a voice,” said member Dee Dee Yates. “We’re like every body else, we care about this county and we want to help solve these growing problems. It’s up to the citizens to finally stand up and say Stop! This is what we want and together we can legally make a change and help make the decisions that directly affect each and everyone of us in Macon County. These elected officials work for us and we want a positive change for our rural community.”

Citizens for Smart Choices requests that anyone who would like their support to run for public office to please contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and any Macon County citizens and friends who would like to help or join the group to please call 615-666-0421 or use the above e-mail.