Macon County Chronicle

Fifteen Submit Election Petitions

The Election Commission began accepting petitions for the 2010 election on November 20th.

To-date, 15 petitions have been received according to Macon County Administrator of Elections Tammy Smith, four of which will be running Independent. 

In the race for County Clerk is James Ralph Howser, an incumbent Republican who has filled the office of County Clerk for a total of seven terms, first elected in 1982.

Dianne Cline has petitioned as an Independent for the office of Register of Deeds.

Diane Cook (Incumbent), Republican, was elected in 2006 to the office of County Trustee and is making a second run for the position she holds.

Petitioning for Sheriff, as of press time, are Bennie Hudgens, Republican and Garrett Flatt, Republican.

Vernon L. Biggs (Incumbent), Democrat, was elected in 2002, and has served two full terms as County Commissioner and will run again for Commissioner of District 3.

Running again for County Commission in District 8 is Scott Gammons (Incumbent), Republican, who has served two terms, winning the election in 2002.

Incumbent Jeffery Hughes, Commissioner of the 4th District, will be running again, this time as an Independent. He has served two terms, winning the election first in 2002.

Billy West has also petitioned to run again for 5th District Commissioner as the incumbent Democrat, and first won the election in 2006.

Jeremy Keene, has petitioned as an Independent for County Commissioner for the 18th District.

Four individual have petitioned for the position of Constable, at this time in separate districts including Steve Gonzales, Republican for districts 13,14, 17, and 18; Michael L. Carson Jr., Republican for districts 3,4,15, and 16;

Kenneth R. Davis Jr., Republican for districts 1,2,11 and 20; and incumbent and Independent Charles T. Dallas, who serves district 5,8,9, and 10.

The qualifying deadline is February 18, 2010 at Noon, with the Sheriff’s Office Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.)  Deadline being February 4, 2010, also at Noon.

The Chronicle will report each week on new petitions for elected positions.