Macon County Chronicle

FEMA Housing Arrives

FEMA Mobile Homes Arrive in Macon CountyThe first of 44 FEMA mobile homes that have been approved to come into Macon County finally started arriving on Sunday, March 30. Four mobile homes from Selma, Alabama arrived at Hillsdale Estates, on Highway 10 South, on Sunday, and four more, which will be set up on private property, arrived on Akersville Road on Monday.

Approved applicants, all of them Macon Countians, are waiting eagerly for the homes at Hillsdale Estates to be blocked up and utilities turned on, according to manager Dawn Seagraves.

In spite of a rainy morning, pads for the mobile homes on Akersville Road were being prepared on private property. The rest of the homes should be arriving within the next two weeks, according to various official sources who didn’t want to be quoted as saying so.

Ward Construction, of Westmoreland, was contracted to set up all of the FEMA mobile homes that will be arriving in the county. State certified air quality testing for the dreaded formaldehyde was conducted on all homes that were approved to come to Macon County, according to FEMA representatives.

All FEMA mobile homes will come with a packet that details the air quality test results of that particular unit, said Tim Tyson, FEMA public relations representative, on Monday.

The number of homes approved is down from the 100 that were originally applied for, said County Mayor Shelvy Linville, because many families have found other housing to do them until their own homes are restored.