Macon County Chronicle

Lieutenant Bryon Satterfield Terminated from LPD

Regretfully, the Lafayette city council decided to terminate Lieutenant Bryon Satterfield from the police department at their regular meeting on April 1, 2008. Satterfield, who served on the Lafayette Police Department since 1990, was let go at the recommendation of Police Chief Jerry Dallas, due to permanent medical restrictions stemming from two traffic accidents that Satterfield was involved in while on duty.

The first accident occurred in December, 2006 while Lt. Satterfield was blocking traffic during the Christmas parade. A drunk driver was able to get through the traffic barricade and hit Satterfield’s parked patrol car – which the lieutenant was sitting in – head on.

Satterfield sustained severe injury to a spinal disc at that time.

The second accident occurred in April of 2007, while Satterfield was in route to a call. A truck pulled into the path of Satterfield’s patrol car, and in the process of swerving to avoid the truck, Satterfield wrecked, dislocating his ankle and sustaining further injuries to his spine.

Orthepedic doctor Roy Terry, of Lebanon, advised Satterfield’s in October that his medical restrictions will be permanent until – and if – a neruosurgeon is able to repair the damage to his spine surgically. Terry recommended to Satterfield that he see a nuerosurgeon. At that time, the workman’s comp checks that Satterfield had been getting were stopped, and Temporary Total Disability (TTD) checks began coming. He has received three TTD checks since October.

“He’s been put on some permanent restrictions that the police department just can’t accommodate,” said Dallas. “I hate it for us – he’s a good officer and a good friend. The police and personnel committees met and we recommend that he be terminated.”

The police committee is comprised of Mayor Bill Wells, Mike Wells, City Attorney Jon Wells, Attorney James Chamberlain, Police Chief Jerry Dalls, and Lafayette City Council member Loryn Atwell.

After a bit of discussion and a few spoken regrets, a motion to terminate Satterfield was passed, with Jerry Wix voting no.

Macon County’s youth organizations will be the recipients of a $5,000 Community Enhancement Grant that was awarded to the city last month, Lafayette City Council members agreed at their regular April 1 meeting.

The money was originally intended for a fountain in Sullivan’s Pond; however, due to the tornado disaster, Senator Mae Beavers advised that it might be better to contribute the money to 501C organizations in the county. Council member Loryn Atwell made a motion that it be given to county youth organizations.

“Contributing to these youth organizations will help the parents of the children same money on fees and insurance,” said Mayor Bill Wells.

The Macon County Soccer League, Macon County Softball, Boy Scouts, Lafayette Little League, and Babe Ruth will each receive $1,000 of the grant money.

Steve Johnson, Sanitation Supervisor, reported that Ward Construction is doing an excellent job with the tornado debris clean-up. Ninety percent of the C&D (construction and demolition) debris had been removed, Johnson said, and most of what’s left is stumps and brush. The more than 92 stumps will be hauled to a state approved site, and burnable debris will be burned at another state approved site.

“They’ve done all this in three days,” Johnson reported. “Anything we’ve asked of Ward, they’ve done.”

Dallas recommended to the council that James Bartalotta be hired as a patrolman. Bartalotta, from Macon County, is presently living in Alabama and working as a certified police officer for the city of Birmingham. He would like to move back home closer to his family, Dallas reported.

A pool manager, full and part time life guards were hired by the council. Matt Tuck was hired as pool manager. Full time life guards will be: Spencer Claiborne, Jill Freeman, Courtney White, Sara Barber, Kinsey Gregory, and Jordan White. Hunter Shrum, Adam Bandy, Caraline Shoulder, Kara Mowell, and Brianna Robertson were hired as part time life guards.

The council approved, unanimously, an additional $39,640 that will be needed for the assembly and connection of a temporary Pall micro filtration unit at the water treatment plant. In February, the council agreed to rent the unit from Ecotech, of Georgia. It will be used for up to three months while the filter media at the water treatment plant is cleaned, a job which hasn’t been done since the media was installed 18 years ago. The cost of renting the portable unit will be $22,000 a month. The money, according to Wells, is in the budget.

In other business, the council:
•approved an invoice payment to Professional Engineering, for the relocation of a water line. The water line needs to be moved by October, said Mayor Wells, so the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) can replace a bridge over Carr Creek. TDOT will reimburse the city 97% of the $11,279 invoice.
•agreed to hire Wendy Ragland for four months to fill Leah Kirby’s position, while she is on maternity leave. Ragland was hired at Annette Morgan’s recommendation.
•approved a promotion for Steve Speck to license equipment operator. Speck has obtained his CDL license. The promotion will be from Level V to Level VII.
•approved April employee evaluations and salary increases.
•approved the installation of lights at the basketball court at City Park.
•approved the installation of a new street light on Pine Drive.
•approved a lease agreement with Meador Enterprises, LLC; Donald Meador.
•authorized bid advertising for uniforms and rugs service. The current contract with Unifirst is up in June.
•adopted a resolution to commend and congratulate the Board of Directors, the staff, employees, and retirees of the Tennessee Valley Authority upon its 75th anniversary.
•put off until next month the hiring of a water department meter reader, at the request of Gene Reid, Water Superintendent.
•adopted an ordinance to allow temporary permits for mobile homes in residential districts, on second reading.
•adopted, on second reading, Ordinance # 535; an ordinance that amends the way Holiday Pay may be used by city employees.