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More Sexual Allegations Against RBS Mayor

A second female has come forward with new allegations that she, too, was sexually assaulted by Red Boiling Springs Mayor Kenneth Hollis in 2007 while living in an apartment owned by the political figure.

In an exclusive interview with My Macon TV reporter Sally Tausend, posted on the online news site on Monday, March 8, the female’s identity was disguised and her voice altered, as she revealed the details of three alleged incidents during which Hollis touched her in a sexual and unwelcome manner.

“He came into my apartment and touched by breasts three times within a two-day period,” she told My Macon TV. “He also walked into the bedroom I was in and actually kind of pushed me up against the wall. While he was trying to kiss me, he ran his hands down inside my shorts, and all times he’s done this to me I did push him away, tell him he was married and to leave me alone.”

These new allegations come after an affidavit of complaint was filed against Red Boiling Springs Mayor Kenneth Hollis on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, accusing the politician and business owner of sexual battery and sexual battery by an authority figure. The victim in that case, claimed to be 17 years old at the time the encounters with Hollis took place.

During Tausend’s interview, the female recognized the first victim to come forward, though she claims not to know her personally, and seemed appalled by the community’s reaction to the young girl’s allegations.

“I just feel like the people of this county and Red Boiling Springs who are convicting this girl, need to step back, have morals and think about this girl being their own child and stop letting people get away with things that are wrong. She was only 17 years old and I think the sentence needs to be served.”  

The unidentified female, dubbed “Jane” by My Macon TV, is reportedly meeting with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but did not indicate whether she will filing charges against Hollis. My Macon TV did report, however, that she is not interested in filing a civil lawsuit against her former landlord or requesting any financial compensation.

“I don’t want any money. I don’t want anything from anybody,” she told Tausend. “But I do want this girl to be recognized as someone who’s been done wrong. I’ve been done wrong. I know this child’s not lying, and I feel like this needs to be resolved.”

“I feel like more people will come forward, because if it happened twice, I’m sure it happened more,” she went on to say.

When asked why she didn’t come forward earlier, the woman explained that she had no other living options at the time and because she was older, felt that she could handle the situation with Hollis without letting it “go any further.”

Soon after the interview with My Macon TV, News Channel 5 conducted its own interview with “Jane” which was to air on the 5 and 6 o’clock news last night, March 8.