Macon County Chronicle

Third Woman Comes Forward; Claims to Have Witnessed Sexual Claims Against RBS Mayor

My Macon TV recently posted an interview, conducted by reporter Sally Tausend, with a third woman claiming to have witnessed the sexual assault allegations of a female friend (a woman referred to as “Jane”) and to have her own unwelcome encounters with Red Boiling Springs Mayor Kenneth Hollis.

The third woman, whose voice was disguised, was interviewed by silhouette in fear that she may be retaliated against if her identity was known.

The woman claims to have been present when her friend moved into an apartment owned by Hollis, at which time she said Hollis came over and “started talking to us, pinching at her (“Jane”) and touching her.”

The woman said she asked Hollis if there were any other vacant apartments in the complex, and when she told Hollis she wanted to move in one of his apartments, but didn’t have the money to do so, he told her, “Maybe we could work something out . . . meaning if I’d give him sex, I could move in even if I didn’t have the rent,” she said.

The woman claims that she never moved into an apartment owned by Hollis and also went into detail about the encounters she witnessed between “Jane” and Hollis.

“He raised her shirt up and exposed her upper body,” the woman told Tausend. “And he got behind her and fondled her. She told him several times to stop and he would just laugh it off.”

In another encounter she recounted that Hollis grabbed her friend’s chest, and put his hands down the front of her pants while she continuously told him to stop.

“I’ve known him a long time,” the witness stated. “That’s just him. He doesn’t mind saying sexual accusations to people that he knows at any time. That’s just how he is.”

In regards to the lawsuit filed by the first woman who claims Hollis sexually assaulted her when she was 17 years old, the woman said “No, I’m not surprised. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt if you live there (in an apartment owned by Hollis) and you’re female, and you’re fully developed . . . I believe that if you don’t have your money (rent) you could do that . . . that’s just my opinion and what I took from what he said to me when I asked about moving in. I believe she’s telling the truth.”