Macon County Chronicle

Sheriffs Department Makes Marijuana Discovery While Serving Warrant

When officers from the Macon County Sheriffs Department attempted to serve a warrant on the morning of Tuesday, March 9, a strange turn of events led to the arrest of 18-year-old Jonas Jones, after the discovery of 1.25 ounces of marijuana, marijuana seeds and drug paraphernalia.

That morning, Deputies Todd Wagoner and Donnie Crawford and Sergeant Ira Meador, arrived at the last known address of the individual named in the warrant and were told by a female resident that he was not there, but that they were welcome to enter the home.

“Upon our entrance into the home, we detected a strong odor or marijuana,” Crawford explained. “And noticed that on the kitchen counter, in plain view, was a marijuana cigarette roach.”

Officers were told by the female that her brother Jonas was also inside the home and, after questioning him, were given consent to search the property.

“Mr. Jones then pulled out two bags containing a green, leafy substance from his bedroom,” said Crawford, “a set of scales, baggies, a spoon containing burn marks and a plastic cigar case filled with marijuana seeds.”

After a more thorough search of the property, more marijuana roaches were discovered by officers at the residence and inside a vehicle located on the property.

Jones was arrested and charged with possession of a Schedule VI drug (over one ounce), manufacturing of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia. General Sessions Court date is set for April 28th.