Macon County Chronicle

Three Westmoreland Schools Evacuated After Bomb Threat

On Thursday afternoon, March 18th, the Westmoreland Police Department was notified that a bomb threat had been called in at the elementary school, located at 3012 Thompson Lane.

According to Westmoreland Police Chief Carla Etheridge, the station was contacted at approximately 12:12 p.m. and they immediately responded to the scene, advising the THP Bomb Squad and the Fire Department of the situation.

“Upon arrival, the teachers were already evacuating the students,” said Chief Etheridge, “and we sealed the entrance and exits, so no one could get in or out. At this time the students were being taken to the high school, but during the transfer Deputy Mike Oliver, the school resource officer, advised us that the other two schools had also received threats, so the ballfields became the designated evacuation sites.”

“First responders quickly began arriving and at this time everyone was trying to decide the pick-up locations for the students, who had to be signed out by a parent or guardian before they were allowed to leave. But as the afternoon progressed, we were finally able to load the buses with the remaining students for the usual ride home, after the vehicles were inspected.”

“The THP bomb squad and dogs searched the three schools, but nothing suspicious was found,” confirmed the chief. “Everything went pretty smooth, except the heavy traffic, which was to be expected.”

“Everyone did a good job and the response was wonderful, including a call from Chief Jerry Dallas, of the Lafayette Police Department, who immediately offered his assistance. It’s certainly nice to know that when we need help, we can depend on the surrounding agencies.”

Those responding to the scene included the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Westmoreland Police Department, Westmoreland Fire & Rescue, Sumner County EMA and the Sheriff’s Department.

If you, or someone you know, have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Westmoreland Police Department at (615) 644-2222.