Macon County Chronicle

Total in Stolen Macon County Merchandise Up to $52,200

The Macon County Sheriff's Office recovered a value of approximately $2,200 in more stolen property stemming from the Gamaliel, KY theft ring that Detective Jeff Brewer broke in January of this year.

A majority of the stolen goods recovered in January were connected to a rash of break-ins that began in November of 2009, affecting several local businesses including Red Stag Construction, Cowan & Sons Custom Cabinetry, Nestle Waters and chicken house locations in Clay County. Suspect Joseph Crowe was arrested in connection to those robberies. Items recovered included four-wheelers stolen out of Kentucky, Corvette fenders, tires, cams & transmissions, various tools, computer equipment, radios and scanners and a generator.

More property was discovered last week on the Crowe family farm in another location and was found to belong to Macon County resident Chris Powell.

To date, Detective Jeff Brewer has recovered from this investigation alone, $52,200 of property stolen from Macon County that was taken to that particular location.