Macon County Chronicle

Father & Son Arrested for Thefts: GPS Tracking Device Puts Son at Crime Scene

Forty-eight-year-old Steven Page and his 20-year-old son Brandon, were arrested and charged with theft of property (two counts) and criminal trespassing on March 30 after Macon County Sheriffs Department Sergeant Larry West pulled the men over in a vehicle fitting the description of a truck used in two thefts on Maxie Bluff Rd.

According to Detective Darrell Taylor, items in the truck were identified by the victims of both thefts, brothers Chris and Adrian Powell.

Father and son were both arrested and confessed to the thefts, but it was the electronic footprints left by a GPS tracking device worn by Brandon, that left no question to his connection to the crimes.

Brandon was required to wear the device by the Tennessee Board of Probation & Parole. 

Detective Taylor also confirmed the men intended to sell the stolen iron items to a scrap yard. Both were held on $4,000 bond.