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RBS Council Schedules Work Session to Discuss Sanitation

Members of the Red Boiling Springs City Council met in regular session on Thursday, April 8, with the top item up for discussion being the second and final reading of Ordinance #10-2, which would cancel all city dumpster service.

During the meeting, which was led by Vice Mayor John Cook in the absence of Mayor Kenneth Hollis, Cook announced that he had recently received feedback from several owners of the 12 businesses and residents that would be affected by the ordinance.

“There is no doubt that there’s something that needs to be done in the Sanitation Department,” he remarked, “because when we received our audit at the end of June, it was in the red, and it’s not running well right now . . . but there was a committee appointed to study the sanitation department and tell us about all the ins and outs, and that committee never met for whatever reason … the people that I’ve been hearing from about these dumpsters don’t disagree that something needs to take place, but from what I’ve been hearing from them, they would love for us to go ahead with that committee and see if a price increase could be recommended instead of doing away with their service.”

The committee, which was appointed in January by Mayor Hollis, included council member Terry Newberry, utilities supervisor Brian Long and Mayor Hollis.   

The ordinance in question would amend the city’s Refuge and Trash Disposal guidelines, by adding that “there shall be no collection of garbage, rubbish, or refuge from dumpsters of any size,” and after a discussion, the council voted to table the final vote until next month and schedule a work session for Thursday, April 22nd at 7 p.m. to discuss other options for solving the financial situation of the Sanitation Department.

“I’m willing to give it a chance,” said council member Bobby Etheridge, “but I don’t think we can. I hope we can. If we could save it, I’d love to save it.”

A resolution was also presented, and approved, during the meeting to commemorate the successful 2009-2010 season had by the Red Boiling Springs High School Girls & Boys Basketball Teams.

The resolution honors the girls’ team 23-11 record, championship win in the District Tournament, runner-up placement in the Regional Tournament and their advancement to the Sweet 16 Sub-State Tournament.

The resolution also honors the boys’ team 22-14 record, runner-up placement in the District Tournament, runner-up placement in the Regional Tournament and their advancement to the Sweet 16 Sub-State Tournament. 

Three change orders, totaling $6,200, were also approved Thursday night concerning unexpected work done by Putnam Contracting Services for the City’s current CDBG project.

The first item added on $1,600 for additional fittings and labor for unforeseen changes in the pump station pipe work, the second, for $1,200, includes electrical work needed to meet electric codes.

The third item, for the completed CDBG project, included $3,400 for emergency repairs done during the Oak Grove Rd. tie-in. Without the repairs, four homes would have been without water.  

The council unanimously approved the three change orders.

In other business:

Parks Department: It was requested by Cook that blowers be used on sidewalks and under pavilions during mowing season. Cook also requested that hanging, electrical wires be looked it inside the Hwy 151 pavilion as a safety precaution.

Police Department: Vehicles to be included in the April 17th Ben Bray auction have been cleaned and will soon be on display at the Macon County Sheriffs Department for potential buyers to view.

Planning Commission: It was decided that a letter will be written and sent to the State Planning & Zoning Commission to request that the City be put on the list for assistance in creating Land Use & Transportation Guidelines. The set of guidelines is required for the City to advance to Level Two in the Three-Star program.

Utilities Department: Bids for a new roof for the Laboratory building will be presented next month, as will options for more convenient City access to the Nestle sewer meter. Discussion on purchasing a new salt truck was also tabled until next month, as Utilities Supervisor Brian Long was absent.

Swimming Pool: It was reported that if the City leased the Thomas House Hotel swimming pool for the summer, insurance would cost a total of $660. It was requested that the cost of lifeguards, chemicals and upkeep be determined before the council considered the option.

July 4th Celebration: Council member John Cook brought up the idea of hosting a fireworks celebration this year in Red Boiling Springs. Cook presented the option of teaming up with the City of Lafayette or co-oping with several people and/or businesses to fund the event. “Maybe would could jumpstart a bunch of people to get involved with us and maybe do one here,” he commented. “It gives people something to do and look forward to in these bad times.”