Macon County Chronicle

Sheriff Busts Large Meth Supplier

Thirty-six-year-old Timothy Ray Gravins was arrested and charged with manufacturing of narcotics (3 cts.), possession of a Schedule III drug for sale, manufacturing sell of a Schedule II drug, manufacturing sell of a Schedule III drug, possession of a Schedule II drug, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a firearm and possession of an illegal weapon, after officers at the Macon County Sheriffs Department served a search warrant at his Whitaker Circle home in Red Boiling Springs last Wednesday, April 14.


Inside the mobile home, officers discovered that Gravins was what Sheriff Mark Gammons is referring to as “one of the largest suppliers of meth in Macon County.

“This is one of the biggest meth busts we’ve ever had in Macon County,” he commented. “We believe the drug was transported in from Atlanta, Georgia, and it had not been processed, or manufactured for re-sale yet.”

Gammons explained that a tip from an informant led officers to obtain the search warrant, which not only revealed that Gravins was holding approximately one pound of meth (a street value of $23,000) but numerous items believed to have been traded for the drug.

Items seized from Gravins’ property included: five guns, knives, a pick-up truck, 11 smoking pipes, syringes, $3,450 in cash, flat screen televisions, an air compressor, toolboxes and a DVD player.

“I’d like to commend this department for continuing to work hard to keep drugs out of Macon County,” Gammons stated.

Anyone with further information or a claim to property is urged to contact the Macon County Sheriffs Department at 666-3325.