Macon County received substantial wind damage over the weekend, when a string of tornadoes that killed ten people, including three children, swept across six southern states, including Middle Tennessee, and clipped the northwest section of our area around the vicinity of old Highway 52 and the Rocky Mound Road.

Forecasters said repeatedly that we were in store for a round of violent weather that could include heavy rain, hail, and damaging winds and the National Weather Service predicted it would move through Mississippi and into Alabama on Friday evening and into Tennessee by late Saturday afternoon with the potential to spawn a major outbreak of long-lived tornadoes across the south.

The line of twisters rumbled and roared for hours as meteorologists urged people to take cover and the Lafayette tornado siren echoed across the countryside as people ran outside to gaze at the darkened skies, reminded all too well of the devastation that an EF4 tornado left in it’s mile wide path across Macon County only 24 short months ago.

Several barns and roofs were destroyed on the Rocky Mound Road and trees were uprooted across Wixtown and Oakdale, with a small stretch of downed power lines. In a patch of woods, pieces of tin were twisted high up in the broken limbs. The weather hampered various activities throughout the county over the weekend, which caused organizers to cancel many events, but luckily Macon County dodged the bullet with no injuries reported during the tornado outbreak.