Macon County Chronicle

Man Arrested for Attempted Break-In at Gibson's Cafe

Officers from the Lafayette Police Department were dispatched to Gibson’s Café, located on the Public Square, here in Lafayette, in response to a report of a possible break-in during the early morning hours of Friday, May 14, 2010.

According to the officers report, upon arrival they found repeat offender, 39-year-old Scotty Wayne Griffin, of Lafayette, at the scene of the incident sitting on a motorcycle that Miles Gibson had for sale in front of the building, with beer, cigarette and broken glass scattered on the sidewalk, along with a phone charger and other items. A chase ensued as the subject fled the scene, but he was quickly apprehended on the courthouse lawn and then wrestled into the awaiting patrol car. He was immediately transported to the Macon County Jail where he was booked and charged with Vandalism, Destruction of Property, Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Resisting Stop Frisk Halt Search, and Bribery of a Public Servant.

“We were the victims of a home invasion,” said Gibson, “and the only thing that saved us was the sturdy private door that he was relentlessly bashing with a heavy glass ashtray sitting in front of the café next to a bench. He was shouting profanities and screaming at the top of his lungs to someone, when my wife immediately decided to call 911.”

“I played it smart and decided to wait for the officers instead of confronting him myself,” Gibson remarked, “but if that door had of opened, the story would definitely have a different ending. We’re just thankful to be alive and we appreciated the quick response.”

Officer Stacy Woodard, of the Lafayette Police Department, is investigating the incident.

Bond for Scotty Griffin was set at $7,500 and he is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Wednesday, June 9th.

Those responding to the scene were the LPD, Macon County Sheriffs Department, and the Macon County Chronicle.