Macon County Chronicle

Wilmore & Wix Win City Election; Third Seat to be Filled in Run-Off

There were two clear winners in the City of Lafayette Election held on May 27th, Incumbent Jerry Wilmore with 191 votes, and Jerry Wix, with 152.  The third seat resulted in a tie between John Tom Roberts and Marcus Smith, with 141 votes each. Running also for city council was David Moore, who received 42 votes.

Only 169 of the 2686, or six percent, of registered voters within the Lafayette City, cast early votes by May 22nd, according to the unofficial election results. An additional 104 voted on Election Day, producing a total 2010 election turn out of 10.1 percent of registered voters.

An emergency city council meeting was called for 3 p.m. on Friday, May 28th, because of the tied results.

Macon County Election Administrator Tammy Smith addressed the mayor and council explaining, “Based on the law, the municipal legislative body shall cast their deciding vote for municipal offices, or, in the alternative, the legislative body may by resolution call for a run-off election between the tied candidates.”

She then explained if an election is requested it could be held at the general election, or as a stand-alone election the week of August 16.

“Special elections shall be held not less that 75 days or more than 80 days after the office or body charged with calling the election receives notice of the facts required in the law,” Smith told council members.  

At the beginning of the special called meeting only three council members were present; Council members Loryn Atwell, Steve Turner, and Ruby Flowers.  The meeting was delayed for several minutes. Councilman Jerry Wilmore arrived as the first motion was being made by Flowers to fill the position with Tom Roberts.  Atwell seconded the motion.  Voting yes were Flowers, Atwell, and Turner, with one “no” by Wilmore. With only three votes in the affirmative the motion failed.

Councilman Bransford arrived as the second motion was being made to nominate Marcus Smith.  Voting yes were Wilmore, Turner, and Bransford.  Voting no were Flowers and Atwell. Once again the motion failed.

Mayor Carter said that state would require a special election to fill the position. Newly elected members will be sworn in and the council will meet in regular session on Tuesday, June 1st.