Macon County Chronicle

Commissioners Honor Family of the Late Bobby Joe Carver

Macon County Commissioners convened in Legislative Body Session on June 21st where they presented the family of the late Bobby Joe Carver with a proclamation honoring his life.

The proclamation presented to Carver's family reads: 


WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Macon County, Tennessee, recognize that Bobby Joe Carver has rendered invaluable service to the people of Macon County, Tennessee; and

WHEREAS, Bobby Joe Carver began his professional career in Macon County as a devoted educator in the school system serving the students of Macon County for several years as a teacher and principal; and

WHEREAS, Bobby Joe Carver being a very gifted man, entered private business and became a very successful insurance executive; and

WHEREAS, Bobby Joe Carver served the government of Macon County for many years through his agency of Tooley and Carver Insurance; and

WHEREAS, Bobby Joe Carver was a very humble and charitable man who was good to those less fortunate and supportive of his many friends in this community; and

WHEREAS, Bobby Joe Carver being an avid hunter and fisherman like to spend time with his many friends on hunting and fishing trips; and

WHEREAS, the Commission recognizes that Bobby Joe Carver will be greatly missed by his family and friends with his passing on March 2, 2010; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Legislative Body of Macon County, Tennessee, meeting in regular session this 21st day of June, 2010, that the Macon County Commissioners with to express their public appreciation for Bobby Joe Carver’s many years of dedicated service to Macon County and extend condolence to the family.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this proclamation be presented to Mr. Carver’s family.

Passed this 21st day of June, 2010


Faced with several budget amendments and resolutions, commissioners had strong feelings about one-adopting the Five-Year Strategic Economic Developments Plan, as is, failed.  At the root of the controversy was the strategy, “Recommend the passage of liquor by the drink in the County and both cities.” This strategy was defined under the goal, “To create a climate that encourages businesses to locate, grow, and thrive.”

Commissioner Jeff Hughes spoke in opposition, first clarifying exactly what agreeing with the resolution would mean and then remarked, “They’d throw me out of church if I went along with that.” On the opposite end of the spectrum was Commissioner Ron Morey. “I’m probably one of the biggest instigators of something of this nature,” he said. “Guys lets face it, if we deny that’s its even in the county, or in the church… we have our heads in the sand.” Morey explained that he had been out speaking with his constituents. “It’s not the end of the world; it’s not gonna send anybody to hell.”

After discussion, Hughes offered that he had no problem with the remainder of the Strategic Economic Development Plan and presented a motion, which passed, 18 to one, with the reference to “support of liquor by the drink” removed from the wording.

Commissioners agreed to the Macon County Board of Education’s request to re-finance the existing bond owed on Macon County High School.  Refinancing of $4.55 million will be with Macon Bank and Trust of Lafayette over an eight-year period. 

Mayor Linville, commissioners, and citizens attending the Legislative Body Meeting, were treated to ice cream, by June Dairy Chairperson Thomas Massey as they assembled for the meeting. Mayor Linville thanked the Masseys for their generosity.  Tammy Russell read a proclamation regarding June Dairy month. A round of applause went up for Massey, who has worked diligently to promote the effort within the county.

The Commissioners Committee of the Whole meeting, generally held on the first Monday night if the month, will be moved to July 12 at 7 p.m. and will be held in the in the county courthouse.