Macon County Chronicle

Two Arrested on Meth Charges; Officers Discover Lab at Unoccupied Residence

Twenty-five-year old Cody James Blankenship and 22-year-old Jennifer Nell Crews, were arrested by officers from the Macon County Sheriffs Department for their involvement in a methamphetamine lab, discovered by a Macon County property owner last week.

According to Detective Bill Cothron, the property owner of a vacant home located at 448 Clifty Road, reported witnessing two vehicles parked outside of a shed and requested that an officer investigate the scene.

When K-9 Officer Donnie Crawford arrived at the location in question, the trespassers were gone but the property owner was able to provide authorities with a description of one vehicle and the tag numbers off the other.

During his initial search of the shed, Crawford discovered evidence of a meth lab and detectives Cothron and Anthony Warner arrived at the property, discovering components used to manufacture meth and lab waste products. Also responding to the scene was detective Daryl Taylor, who notified a DEA clean-up crew to process and dispose of the lab.

While waiting for the crew to arrive, Taylor was able to locate and stop a vehicle fitting the description provided by the property owner. Inside the vehicle, driven by Blankenship, Taylor found chemical components linking Blankenship to the scene on Clifty Road, and Blankenship was transported to the Macon County Sheriffs Department. According to Taylor, a small amount of marijuana was also found in the vehicle being driven by Blankenship.

Blankenship was charged with burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia, intent to manufacture meth, possession of a Schedule VI drug and driving on suspended license.

When the tag numbers were ran in regards to the second vehicle witnessed at the scene by the property owner, officers discovered the vehicle belonged to Crews, who had also been flagged for purchasing pseudoephedrine, a drug used in the manufacturing of meth. 

Crews was arrested and charged with the promotion of methamphetamine.

Blankenship and Crews are scheduled to appear in Macon County General Sessions Court on July 7.