According to an early voting media report released by Macon County Elections Administrator Tammy Smith, a total of 3,489 early votes were cast at the close of early voting on Saturday, July 31st.

The total of early voters who cast their ballots make up roughly 26 percent of the 13,551 registered voters in Macon County. During the early voting period, 2,047 voters chose to vote on the Republican ticket in the State Election, 739 chose to vote on the Democratic ticket and all others solely voted in the county election.

Statewide, Tennesseans set an early voting record for the Primary Election with more than half a million Tennesseans voting early this year.

With all 95 counties reporting their totals for early and absentee voting, 543,296 people have already cast ballots for the Aug. 5 elections.
“Early voting has become increasingly popular with Tennesseans,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “I am pleased that so many people chose to take advantage of the convenience of early voting, and Tennesseans are taking an active interest in the future of state and country.  I encourage every registered voter who hasn't voted yet to be sure to go vote on August 5th."

This Thursday, August 5th, all registered voters who didn’t take advantage of the early voting period will have the opportunity to vote in the Macon County General Election from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the designated precinct of their district.

Not sure which precinct location you should vote at on Election Day? The following is a list of district precincts and their locations.

Precinct #    District #   Location

1st (Dist. 2 & 11) Cross Roads: 6795 Rocky Mound Road, Westmoreland, TN 37186

2nd (Dist. 3 & 20) Westside School: 8025 Old Highway 52, Westmoreland, TN 37186

3rd (Dist. 4, 15 & 16) National Guard Armory: 1200 Russell Drive,  Lafayette, TN 37083

4th (Dist. 1 & 13) Central Elementary: 905 Sycamore Street, Lafayette, TN 37083

5th (Dist. 9) Galen School Museum: 6435 Galen Road, Lafayette, TN 37083

6th (Dist. 14, 17 & 18) Lafayette Elementary: 401 Meador Drive, Lafayette, TN 37083

7th (Dist. 8 & 10) Macon County Jr High: 1003 Highway 52 By-Pass, East, Lafayette, TN 37083 8th  (Dist. 6, 12 & 19) Red Boiling Springs High: 415 Hillcrest Street, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150

9th (Dist. 7) Willette Head Start: 1591 Willette Road, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150

10th (Dist. 5) Rock N Roll Auto Sales: 1737 Akersville Rd, Lafayette, TN 37083


The following reminders for those voting in the August 5th General Election have been released by the Macon County Administrator of Elections:


VOTING PRECINCT CHANGE:  Districts 4, 15 & 16 will be voting at the National Guard Armory instead of the Sally Wells Building (3rd Precinct).

POLL TIMES: The polls will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Election Day on August 5, 2010.

PROPERTY RIGHTS VOTERS:  ALL PROPERTY RIGHTS VOTERS for the City of Lafayette Election WILL BE REQUIRED to go the Macon County Election Commission office located at 111 East Locust Street, Lafayette, TN 37083to vote in that election. ONLY PROPERTY RIGHTS VOTERS CAN VOTE AT THE ELECTION OFFICE ON ELECTION DAY. Voters will have to vote at their normal precinct for the County General/ State Primary election AND go to the election commission office to vote Property Rights.

FIRST-TIME VOTERS: If this is the 1st time voting since you registered and you Registered By-Mail, you will need to Vote In-Person for this election. You will also need to bring ONE of the following forms of identification:



3.     A PHOTO ID which includes the voter’s name and signature

If the voter doesn’t have any of these forms of identification, they can combine the following:

1.     Current & valid photo I.D. of any kind, either government-issued or private, not containing a voter’s signature

2.     Current utility bill

3.     Bank statement

4.     Government check

5.     Paycheck

6.     ANY OTHER  government document (s) that show the voter’s NAME & ADDRESS

                              WITH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING

               ANY document with the voter’s NAME & SIGNATURE


 SIGN an official AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY form provided by the polling place official.