Macon County Chronicle

Maple Grove Cemetery Vandalized

On Wednesday morning, August 11th, W.C. Smith, who owns and operates Wolf Hill Tire & Service Center, in Macon County, discovered that Maple Grove Cemetery, located on Maple Grove Road, had been vandalized sometime between Sunday, August 8th and Tuesday night. After reporting the incident to the Macon County Sheriffs Department, Sgt. Larry West immediately arrived to file a report.

“Several stones had been pulled up out of the ground, some broken and others look as if they had been kicked by the culprits,” W.C. said on Thursday afternoon. “Of course it was only minor damage, but these individuals apparently didn’t think about what they were doing and how these people’s families would feel to see their loved ones final resting place destroyed.”

“I have several family members buried here,” he continued, “and I just can’t understand what enjoyment anyone would get by destroying something as sacred as a tomb stone in a quiet hill side cemetery.”

“I would estimate the damage, in this active investigation, at a few hundred dollars,” said Sgt. West, “and anyone with information please contact the Macon County Sheriffs Department at 666-3325.