Macon County Chronicle

Sunday Fire...$100,000 in Damage

On Sunday afternoon, October 17th, the Lafayette Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of a barn fire at 1975 Days Road, which destroyed the structure along with approximately 10,500 sticks of tobacco, 300 rolls of hay, two tractors, a combine, pickup truck and three farm wagons with an estimated loss of nearly $100,000.

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According to Chief Keith Scruggs, upon arrival at 4:48 p.m., the 85’ x 150’ barn was fully involved and his team battled the flames for several hours as the fire continued to smolder. “A crew and brush truck remained throughout the night,” Scruggs said “for precautionary measures due to spot fires.”

“We had 18 firemen at the scene who utilized a lot of our equipment, including one engine, a tanker and brush truck, to keep the fire contained. We used over 5750 gallons of water to extinguish the flames and luckily no one was injured. It is still unclear how the fire started.”

“Once again my crew did an outstanding job,” the chief noted, “including the rookies. As I have said before, it’s a young man’s game and with the excellent fire fighters in my department it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. We have a strong group who participate in training sessions several times a year, constantly striving to make this department better.”

“Due to the extremely dry conditions, to my knowledge no burn permits are being issued in the county right now, and I want to remind everyone to please be cautious. There is a $500 fine for burning without a permit in the State of Tennessee.”

Those responding to the scene included the Lafayette Fire Department, Macon County Rescue Squad, Macon County EMS, Macon County Sheriffs Department, Lafayette Police Department, and the Macon County Chronicle.

Patricia Miller was the owner of the barn and Spencer Shrum was the occupant.