Macon County Chronicle

Law Enforcement Encourages a Happy & Safe Halloween: Trick-or-Treating Observed Sunday, Oct. 31

Macon County will be observing Halloween trick-or-treating on Sunday, October 31st, and, as always, the Macon County Sheriffs Department, Lafayette Police Department and Red Boiling Springs Police Department have released valuable safety tips to make sure your children have a happy and safe Halloween this year.

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The County and City of Red Boiling Springs have issued the standard 11 p.m. curfew for Halloween night and the City of Lafayette has set curfew at 7 p.m., unless accompanied by a parent.

Local law enforcement will be doing its part to provide extra neighborhood and subdivision patrol on Halloween night and the Macon County Sheriffs Department will be offering x-rays of candy at the Macon County Justice Center from 6 to 8 p.m. The x-rays can detect any foreign objects within candy.

Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons advises parents and children to adhere to the following safety precautions on Halloween night:

* Reduce speed in neighborhoods and use caution while driving at night.

* Don’t go to houses that do not have lights on.

* Inspect all candy before consumption.

* Trick-or-treaters should use flashlights and wear reflective clothing.

* Parents should accompany all young children while trick-or-treating.

* Park in areas that do not block the flow of traffic in neighborhoods.

* Always walk on the sidewalk and cross streets at cross-intersections.

* Children should never enter any home to receive treats.

(Sheriff Gammons also advises that all registered sex offenders are, by law, not permitted to distribute candy, dress up in costume, host Halloween parties or have their porch light on, on Halloween night.)

“We ask that all parents and Macon County residents do their part to ensure that everyone has a happy and safe Halloween,” said Sheriff Gammons.