Macon County Chronicle

Beavers, Weaver, Haslam & Black Prevail

Approximately 37 percent of registered voters in Macon County cast their votes in the November 2nd State & Federal General Election, with the majority of the county showing their support for republican candidates Bill Haslam for Governor (68.18%), Diane Black for Congress (71.81%), incumbent Mae Beavers for Senate (61.20%) and incumbent Terri Lynn Weaver for State Representative (65.01%).

The day after the election, an appreciative Mae Beavers had these words for her Macon County supporters, “I’d like to say thank you to all of the voters in Macon County who supported my re-election,” said Senator Beavers. “I enjoy representing Macon County and look forward to another four years. Macon County is full of great people, and I look forward to working with county officials on projects to improve the area.”

State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, who is also anxious to kick-off another term and represent her district, offered a heartfelt thanks for her friends in Macon County.

“A big high five and hats off to Macon County voters who made their voices heard and allowed me to serve for another term,” she commented. “I am honored and humbled and can’t thank them enough.”

After a resounding victory, Governor-elect and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam showed his gratitude by thanking his family, hometown and an enormous crowd of supporters from across the state at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Knoxville on Election night, saying, “I want to thank the voters of Tennessee. This is an incredible honor and responsibility. I understand that as well. I want to end with something Lamar Alexander – who is now one of our senators, but was a governor before – told me on Thursday of last week. He said, “Bill, being governor in your home state is one of the greatest honors and privileges anyone can have. And if that home state just happens to be Tennessee, well it doesn’t get any better than that.”


Macon County Voting Results:

Governor’s Race:

Bill Haslam (R) – 3,349

Mike McWherter (D) – 1,465

Congress – 6th District:

Diane Black (R) – 3,330

Brett Carter (D) – 1,139

TN Senate – 17th District:

Mae Beavers (R) (incumbent): 2,905

George McDonald (D): 1,838

TN House – 40th District:

Terri Lynn Weaver (R) (incumbent): 3,120

James Hale (D): 1,588

Hunting & Fishing Amendment:

For: 3,827

Against: 233

(A total of 2,134 Macon County voters cast their ballots on Election Day, while 2,840 took advantage of the early voting period.)


State/District Totals for:

Governor’s Race:

Bill Haslam (R) – 1,039,163

Mike McWherter (D) – 528,850

Congress – 6th District:

Diane Black (R) – 128,340

Brett Carter (D) – 56,057

TN Senate – 17th District:

Mae Beavers (R) (incumbent): 35,747

George McDonald (D): 21,332

TN House – 40th District:

Terri Lynn Weaver (R) (incumbent): 8,369

James Hale (D): 6,680

Hunting & Fishing Amendment:

For: 1,287,418

Against: 147,332


Party Control Changes in Federal Government:

Control of Senate (needed for majority: 51)

Democratic Party – 51 (change of -6)

Republican Party – 46 (change of +6)

Control of House (needed for majority: 218)

Republican Party – 235 (change of +58)

Democratic Party – 181 (change of -75)

State Governor Races

Republicans – 27 (change of +3)

Democrats – 15 (change of -11)