Forty-nine-year old Rodney Troy Spivey, of the Moss Community, in Clay County, was arrested and charged on Saturday, January 8th, 2010, with rape, aggravated sexual battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a joint effort between the Clay County Sheriffs Office and the Celina Police Department.

Sergeant Randal Slayton, of the Clay County Sheriffs Office, was advised by patrol units of the Celina Police Department of a possible sexual assault that was reported to have occurred at several locations in the county and with the assistance of Celina Assistant Chief of Police Bobby Jacoby, he initiated an in depth investigation into the allegations that Mr. Spivey lured a juvenile to his residence in the Moss Community with promises of employment. “During interviews with the juvenile victim,” stated Sergeant Slayton, “it was alleged that Mr. Spivey administered some sort of beverage believed to be a drug and alcohol concoction which caused the juvenile to become intoxicated. Subsequent to the ingestion of the beverage Mr. Spivey provided, the victim stated that Mr. Spivey fondled and performed oral sex upon their genitalia without consent.”

Sergeant Slayton was able to determine that video evidence of the charges existed, during the lengthy interrogation, utilizing the video to obtain the necessary warrants.

Mr. Spivey was booked into the Clay County Jail and his bond was set at $200,000. He was placed into protective custody.